“How do you do it all? I DON’T! Smart businesses hire help!”

Janel Gion reveals the secret of her success. Sharing is caring, as the saying goes, and the founder of Janel Gion Creative Services happily shares a crucial resource that’s greatly improved her life and work process as a solo entrepreneur.

After all, going at it alone can only take you so far. Paradoxically, when your efforts bear fruit, when you get successful, your business will grow and there will be more work to go around. And at a certain point… you can’t just grit your teeth and do it by yourself. There will either be diminishing returns or you won’t have a life outside of work.

Realistically, no one can do it all. As Janel explains, people have other things outside of work, like their partners and their children.

Do What Smart Businesses Do

So, what’s Janel’s big secret? It’s collaborating with yours truly, Virtual BizNest. There will be a point where a solo entrepreneur must ask for help, and this is not a sign of weakness or failure. For a startup owner who has grown her business to the point of expanding and hiring new people, it’s a sign of success!

So, faced with the need to get more people, Janel turned to VBN’s Virtual Assistant services. And with our help she was able to meet a super tight deadline that she otherwise would have had difficulty fulfilling.

She simply assigned the task to us, relaying the necessary details before she got some much-needed shuteye. The next day, when she woke up, the task was accomplished and everything went on without a hitch.


Avoid Crunching For Deadlines, Sidestep Crises

Janel was able to avoid a potential crisis by collaborating with VBN. And let’s be real, such crises are all too common in many industries, with crunch time and crunch culture being the norm. But it doesn’t have to be!

Janel’s continued relationship with VBN helps her keep her business operating smoothly while sparing her from the stresses of the crunch or doing overtime at odd hours. Our Virtual Team has her back, supporting her startup’s processes and helping her deliver results. So she doesn’t have to weather the daily grind. That’s why she’s excited to continue working together with us. It’s a big help for a solo entrepreneur.

In her own words, our collaboration is priceless and she highly recommends VBN’s services to anyone who needs Virtual Assistants and those who need help with their businesses. Accounting, social media, content creation, bookkeeping, copywriting, you name it – you don’t have to do it by yourself!

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