Client Review Redux: Chris O’Connell of Premium Sign Solutions

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The client testimonials just keep coming! Chris O’Connell from Premium Sign Solutions, who provided a client testimonial last March, offers another glowing appraisal of our Virtual Assistant services. This time it’s after about a year of working together! Here’s what he has to say in his client review:

Expanding Footprints, Growing Businesses

As Chris says in his client review of our Virtual Assistant services, our staff have been quite handy in reducing the workload he and his team have to deal with. Answering phones, handling sales, data entry, project design, web design, project managing, customer invoicing, you name it and our VAs are handling it.

With this, Chris can expand Premium Sign Solutions’ footprint and grow the business. There’s more than sufficient infrastructure and manpower in the backend. His team is augmented by our VAs. In a way, they’re so integral to the operations that we regard them as one with the team. Yet as outsourced staff, they spare Chris and PSS from taking on too many employees or costs. The overhead is greatly reduced.

So their sign company remains competitive while actually growing. And that’s what they need to get ahead in the industry.

All in all, in his client review Chris concludes that the continuing partnership with Virtual BizNest has been a great working environment, with a great team to work with. In his own words:

“I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Proof in the Client Review

That’s the caliber of services Virtual BizNest’s team offers. You can see the difference it’s made with Premium Sign Solutions. Likewise, our other client reviews mention the same thing. Our Virtual Assistants have helped businesses develop and grow while making our clients’ lives so much easier. They can also give you an edge over your competitors. So, want to grow your company? Want to take your startup to the next level? You know who to call.


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