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6 Types of Affordable Virtual Assistant Services That Can Help Your Business

Virtual Assistants are so hot right now. For startups and small-to-medium businesses they provide much needed services while being flexible and affordable. VA roles include bookkeeping, secretarial work, customer service, social media management and even content creation. For SMEs that have lean budgets, these affordable Virtual Assistant services can be invaluable. Business owners can rely on a VA to book their travel arrangements, handle their finances and manage their company’s social media accounts and respond to customers. Here we will discuss a variety of affordable Virtual Assistant services that businesses can utilize.

Affordable Virtual Assistant Services for Startups and SMEs

Administrative Virtual Assistant

As we detailed in our previous article, administrative VAs handle clerical and administrative tasks, which blends secretarial duties as well as organizational management. So their daily duties range from going through emails, responding to customers or clients, scheduling appointments, as well as preparing expense reports and general data entry.

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Bookkeeper or accountant helps businesses by strengthening its financial foundations. From organizing receipts and invoices, staying on top of payments, to balancing the books, this type of Virtual Assistant will handle it all. He or she will be the cornerstone that will help stabilize what you have built so that it can grow. 

Real Estate VA

A real estate Virtual Assistant can handle cold calls, data entry, marketing and lead generation, freeing up business owners to handle meeting and dealing with clients. These VAs can handle customer inquiries, schedule appointments and input property details in online listings as well as update website information and handle social media accounts. A Virtual Assistant will be a true asset for any real estate firm. 

Social Media VA

In today’s social media-centric world, making posts, scheduling them, designing graphics and uploading images, posting updates, and engaging with replies and comments can be a full time job. A Virtual Assistant who is a social media guru can handle this, posting quality content and boosting audience engagement. All while freeing business owners to focus on more important matters. 

E-Commerce VAs

Online businesses are booming and e-commerce is now one of the primary ways to do business. Virtual Assistants are ideal for handling e-commerce tasks like tracking all the items in your online store’s inventory, handling customer inquiries, updating product lists and posting content on social media. As well as handling the bookkeeping that’s necessary for running online stores. 

Content Creation VAs

This encompasses content writing, graphic design and event video editing. VAs can specialize in one of these tasks, though there are rare gems who can handle multiple specialities. They create written and visual content that will be posted in company websites as well as their social media pages. These Virtual Assistants can also be involved in the creation process of physical media, such as brochures, instruction manuals and company magazines and publications. 

An Affordable Virtual Assistant Can Change Your Business

These are just a few examples of affordable Virtual Assistant services that can give your business a much needed shot in the arm. Interested in hiring a Virtual Assistant to make running your business easier? Reach out to Virtual BizNest for the right VA for your business’ requirements.  


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