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8 Ways Graphic Design Virtual Assistants and Virtual Teams Can Help Your Brand

Visual design can be challenging for those who aren’t specialized in that field. Startup and small business owners who haven’t the time to learn the ropes, or those who outsource these tasks to the untrained, can end up making rookie mistakes. And you don’t want that. You must attract customers by presenting your brand identity in an aesthetically pleasing and memorable way. So you don’t want your site graphics or company’s signage to look garish with badly-matching colors and tacky fonts. Specialist graphic design Virtual Assistants or a Virtual Team of pros can help you attain the aesthetic caliber that’s right for your brand.
Here are a few crucial tasks where graphic design Virtual Assistants and teams will prove indispensable:

Designing Business Logos

A memorable logo goes a long way for any business. It will be part of your brand identity, conveying what your business is about, who its “persona” is, and what it offers in terms of products and services. With it, customers can recognize your establishment’s signage from a mile away and they’ll recall the pleasant transactions they’ve had with your company, your business card will stand out from the generic corporate prints, even your company’s social pages will gain likes and follows because it’s different and interesting.

Graphics for Your Website

Websites should be visually appealing, easy to read and navigate, while maintaining a unique look. Good design compliments all these aspects, but it can be difficult to pull off even for those who know how to code. Graphic design expertise is crucial in this regard. Otherwise, even if a site isn’t an eyesore, if it still looks generic then customers will

Images for Social Media

Unique and compelling imagery will help bring your social media persona to life and make your ad campaigns all the more effective. You can go beyond merely using stock footage. Your graphic design Virtual Assistant can make visuals that are unique to your brand. And they can also touch up company photos.

Visual Content for Your Site and Portfolio

Your products and services should look as impressive as possible. Your site or portfolio can’t just contain an album full of unprocessed photos might be too blurry, too dark or low-contrast. Let your graphic design Virtual Team have a go at your images to touch them up. They’ll make them look real slick to really wow your customers.


These work wonderfully for visually-oriented types, which a lot of people tend to be. A picture can say a thousand words, and a well-made infographic can convey so much more – condensing entire articles worth of information in just a few images. If you want to deliver a message in these fast-paced times where people don’t have the space or the attention-spans to sit down and browse through a wall of text, then infographics are the way to go. These can really grab their interest as they scroll through their feeds.

Business Cards

Old school is still the best school. A business card is a must-have, and a visually distinct one that conveys a unique identity is invaluable in making impressions.

Printed Materials

Banner signs, brochures, flyers, like business cards, are still crucial for promoting your business. Traditional media still has its place in this time and age. And composing these will require expertise. Just hastily splicing together some images and printing them will result in shoddy work with blurred low-resolution imagery. Creating visually appealing and effective design in physical mediums takes skill. Thankfully with your graphic design Virtual Assistant or Virtual Team, you can get quality results that will elevate your brand.

Even Animation!

Videos are even better at reaching customers, combining visuals, audio and text to provide a compelling narrative. Your Visual Team can edit a short video or animated clip that will give your marketing a big boost!

Let the Pros Handle It!

With your Virtual Team you can save yourself the trouble of going through the complicated technical processes behind competent visual design. You can elevate your brand with slick-looking media that’s above and beyond the usual Canva graphics. At the same time, with the affordability of graphic design Virtual Assistants and Virtual Teams, you can remain on-budget while producing quality content. So, got any graphic design ideas for your future advertisement and marketing campaign? Better jot them down so you won’t forget them. Then you can contact us and speak to your potential future graphic design Virtual Assistants or Virtual Team. Go ahead and run your ideas by them to see who has what it takes to make your ideas come true! -John Li

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