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A Thing or Two About Virtual Assistants

The modern economy is full of unpredictable twists and turns, and companies have to stay on top of their game if they’re to survive and prosper. Especially small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the resources of giant multinational conglomerates. These mom-and-pop organizations have to play to their strength and keep that authentic touch their customers love. Yet they also need every edge they can get. So, what can a business owner do in these trying times?

This is where Virtual Assistants come in. VAs are an unsung gift of the modern, globalized economy. These hard working and flexible individuals are the key to making businesses more efficient, while improving their services and decreasing costs.

How so?

More Efficient

Consider the VA. They are there to meet a business’ various needs, whether it’s secretarial tasks, bookkeeping, website creation/revamp, graphic designing, IT support, lead generation, telemarketing, social media marketing, SEO, content writing or chat support. These are crucial roles for any business, but at the same time, do you want your own employees to be bogged down by these when they can spend their time doing what they’re best at?

The smart thing to do would be to let your employees focus on their fortes. Since they won’t be sidetracked, they will be even more efficient with their specialties. At the same time, the VA (or a crew of them) can handle those tedious but necessary tasks. With their considerable experiences, VAs will make short work out of them.

Congratulations, you’ve streamlined your operations. The results will speak for themselves in short order.

Improving Services

Being more efficient entails working smarter, not working harder. Since your employees are focusing on what they’re doing best, rather than spending time and energy on other tasks, they’ll get even better at their jobs as time goes by. And they’ll have a healthier work-life balance too.

At the same time, the tasks you’ve outsourced to the VAs will be the kind they’re already familiar with. Seasoned VAs have been there and done that, so they can more than handle it. VAs also bring their considerable expertise to the table and can even come up with solutions to the problems you might be encountering.

In short, leveraging VAs’ strengths and unique skills gets a win-win.

Decreasing Costs

Here’s another great thing about VAs: they can be 60% less costly than hiring a local employee while being every bit as qualified for the job. The rate can vary depending on the specific services you are looking for. Still, you’re getting more bang for the buck.

Of course, savings only matter if you get the services you’re paying for. And we guarantee our VAs will more than deliver on that.

An Unbeatable Combination

Higher efficiency.


Better quality.

Lower costs.

This is a winning combo that can help businesses great and small. Globalization brings with it a fair amount of challenges, but it also presents opportunities. Some companies use it to reach out to a wider market. And others can leverage this interconnectedness to build a better workforce that draws on the unique strengths of individual employees and VAs, playing to their fortes to give your business the edge it needs in these unpredictable times.

– John Li

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