Virtual BizNest is a virtual staffing solutions provider based in Cebu, Philippines. For temporary, permanent or full-time staffing needs, we provide full recruitment, screening, processing, payroll and employee support services.

We all know that one of the top important skills a business owner must possess is the ability to delegate. That is why finding and keeping high quality employees is crucial to your company’s success. Not only is it expensive, it also takes a huge chunk off your valuable business development time. Wouldn’t it be nice if delegating your recruitment needs makes even your staffing easier and less expensive? What if that service is within your reach?

Located in Cebu, the very city in the Philippines that makes it the most preferred destination for BPO firms in the world due to its prolific supply of good talent, work ethics and excellent command of the English language, Virtual BizNest is your virtual link to this valuable resource.


Virtual BizNest BPO has key staff with very solid BPO backgrounds. They have attended business conferences and seminars, scoured stacks of leadership talents, and distilled trainings on how to manage virtual talents. Virtual assistants are housed in an A-grade facility and will be closely monitored by our supervisors and managers to ensure quality work and attain SLAs.

Our facilities boast a fast and reliable fiber optic connection with speeds of up to 100 mbps from a dual service provider, 24/7 on-site security, CCTV and screen monitoring and a back-up generator. A dedicated team of IT experts are always on standby to assist with any troubleshooting.

Our professional consultants have robust networks in the sales, administration, management, bookkeeping, social media, SEO, IT support and customer service sectors. They can assist you on matters of corporate resource planning, employee compensation and benefits, succession and contracting out.
We work in partnership with your management team, hiring manager, or HR department to determine what you require to increase your capacity while maximizing your hiring budget.

Comprehensive recruitment system, rigorous screening process and full onboarding services guarantee you the right people in the right positions. We have a broad network of candidates to draw from, as well as connections of prestigious employers and professional associations in the telesales industry.


Whether the position you need to fill is ordinary or complex, temporary or permanent, Virtual BizNest can help. Your precious business development hours need not be spent on tasks a Virtual Assistant can do, much less spent on searching for and keeping one. Virtual BizNest helps you focus on fulfilling your goals while enriching your personal life, because we believe that the most valuable asset of your business is you.

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