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Achievement Unlocked: App Development

Who says your small business can’t afford to have its own mobile app? Virtual BizNest is a small business too, we’re in the same boat, but now app development is in our toolkit. Our team of Virtual Assistant just added to their already considerable repertoire by making a food ordering app. So let’s work together. We can build apps for clients who are on a budget but want to punch above their weight class.

Punching Above Your Weight Class 

Who says small businesses can't afford mobile apps? Virtual BizNest is in the same boat too but now app development is in our toolkit. Virtual Assistants are all about helping businesses go around the limits of their budgets and resources. Outsourcing staff allows them to get skilled teams to handle various tasks, from simple yet repetitive ones to those that require specialized skills. Through this, their remote workforce allows them to save up on expenses while boosting their operations and matching competitors pound for pound. Now, with VBN venturing into app development, we have so much more to offer clients and their businesses. App design and development is no longer a resource intensive and costly process accessible only to bigger players. It can be done well and within the budgets of smaller and leaner operations. Startups and SMEs can now leverage apps, expand their businesses further and reach more customers. And it cannot come at a better time, considering how eCommerce, online transactions, pickup and delivery are trending. Social distancing and sheltering in place means we, communities, individuals and businesses alike, have to adapt to ensure each others’ safety. And after the crisis passes, some of these adaptations will be part of the best practices in the post-pandemic New Normal. So either way, developing apps for your business is prudent. It was already the way forward beforehand, and now it is even more necessary. It is the way to the future! And we are here to help.