Business Strategy Lessons We Can Learn From Chess

A few weeks ago, VBN and friends partook in a friendly chess tournament to build camaraderie, take the edge off of the lockdown, and most importantly have fun. Chess is a very rewarding and intellectually stimulating pastime, it can be relaxing or competitive depending on how it is played, and you can meet great people in the games. And it is more than just a game, it can teach life lessons that can be applied in a lot of situations like business strategy.


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Digital Ads, Online Marketing, Set to Outpace Traditional Media

It’s a good time for businesses to shift to online marketing and get the right Virtual Assistants for the job because traditional media and advertising’s days might be numbered. Digital advertising will eclipse old media for the first time, or so predictions say. Platforms like Google, Facebook and Alibaba are set to overtake their traditional counterparts in a paradigm-shift that has been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. It’s a time of disruption and enterprises need to adapt, stat!   

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The Right Tech for Working Remotely

To flatten the curve, organizations and businesses have had to adapt as best they can and minimize the exposure risk to their staff and their customers. Virtual BizNest, for example, pivoted to working remotely even before the local government declared a lockdown. While some places are loosening restrictions, organizations and individuals alike can’t be too careful. Many will have to continue working from home. To stay productive, the workforce must have the right tools. So here are the must-haves for working remotely. (more…)

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Work and Business in the New Normal

These are challenging times, and the solutions and adaptations that have emerged are poised to cause a paradigm shift. That’s if we aren’t in one already. After COVID-19 subsides, many aspects of society – of work and life – will most likely not revert back to how they used to be. There will most likely be a new normal that takes on some of the best practices developed during the crisis. Maybe because these practices are necessary to reduce the risks of a second or third wave, or another future pandemic. Or because they just worked well and made everything more convenient. Either way, the new normal will be evident in both work and life. So here are the most likely trends and how it will affect you

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Achievement Unlocked: App Development

Who says your small business can’t afford to have its own mobile app? Virtual BizNest is a small business too, we’re in the same boat, but now app development is in our toolkit. Our team of Virtual Assistant just added to their already considerable repertoire by making a food ordering app. So let’s work together. We can build apps for clients who are on a budget but want to punch above their weight class.

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Maintaining Brand Recognition During Lockdown

With lockdown, non-essential businesses either switch to work-at-home setups, pivot to eCommerce and delivery or pickup services, or close their operations for the duration of the crisis. But even then, businesses can still maintain brand recognition, strengthen ties with customers, raise awareness and even do their part and pitch in for the community. This can be done through social media, online marketing, apps and other methods. So being in quarantine does not have to be a totally unproductive time.

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Improve Your eCommerce with Virtual Assistants

With shelter-in-place orders, businesses have to find a way to continue to provide their products and services to customers. At the same time they must practice social distancing and ensure everyone’s health and safety. Companies have been letting their employees work from home while shifting to online transactions. From restaurants relying on online delivery services to clinics pivoting to telemedicine, eCommerce is the name of the game. And Virtual Assistants are uniquely suited for this, as their capabilities help make businesses more resilient in the time of COVID-19. So here is how you can leverage your eCommerce Virtual Assistants and bolster your online business:


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