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Balance Work and Fun This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here! But it brings with it quite a paradox. While it’s the perfect occasion to get together with family and just carve up that juicy turkey, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year when business is just booming. So how can you balance having fun and casseroles as well as boosting your startup’s sales and launching promos? Well, this is where your Virtual Assistant comes in.

Ah, the VA, that lifesaver and rescuer of holidays. Now you, and your in-house employees, can enjoy the occasion, the good natured family banter and the post-Thanksgiving dinner food coma. At the same time, your startup will still be in safe hands during this peak business period.

But what about the VA, you ask. Won’t he or she, or they if you’ve got a whole virtual staff, want vacay time too? Fret not, dear startup owner, for this is why outsourcing labor comes in handy as your overseas VA most likely won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving as it’s not as recognized in their culture like it is in America. Here’s why:


A Little History Lesson

You see, Thanksgiving is predominantly celebrated in North America. Aside from being a celebration in gratitude for harvests, which is common in cultures all over the world, Thanksgiving in particular commemorates how pilgrims from England successfully made it to the New World and flourished.

As your VA isn’t from the Americas, and most likely celebrates local occasions – and Catholic ones in the case of Filipinos – this means that your vacations won’t be overlapping. So you can include “not letting an employee work while everyone else gets together” among the things to be thankful for!


On the Importance of Getting Together

Speaking of which, this is also why such events shouldn’t be missed. Running a business, particularly a startup, ain’t easy. Like we said, it’s like a child that needs watching over. But you also need to spend time with your own family and friends. After all, aren’t they the reason why you are working so hard? With Thanksgiving being when we show our appreciation and gratitude for life’s blessings, it should be the time of the year when we take time off to be the ones we love.

So drop your phones, sit back and relax. Unbuckle the belt for that serving of turkey and casserole.

Don’t mind the emails and calls. Let your trusted VA, your startup baby’s sitter, handle that stuff for today. They’ve got it covered.

Now enjoy your well-deserved holiday, Happy Thanksgiving!


– John Li