Bryan Dennstedt of Nextwave Services

Bryan Dennstedt is a very busy man. Not only is he the founder of website development company Next Wave Services, he’s also the CIO and interim CTO of Tech CXO, which provides promising companies proven executives on an interim or part-time basis, talents they can leverage without the cost of a full-time executive. So it’s not surprising that he would make use of our Virtual Assistant services to optimize his work process and make his life much easier. This partnership has been going swimmingly.

“Angelo’s been great to work with, he’s gotten up to speed really quickly. He’s helping me with everything he can think of,” Bryan says. He goes on to list the tasks Angelo is fulfilling for him, which include:

  • Expense reports
  • Travel planning
  • Calendar appointments
  • Website changes
  • Graphics
  • PowerPoint presentations

Smart, Successful Delegation

By delegating these to his VA, Bryan has freed himself to focus on the more important tasks an executive must deal with. After all, having worked for several large companies, he knows all too well that his time is really valuable. People are relying on him to make Big Decisions, so having a canny and dependable VA is a real boon. It allows him to maximize his productivity. He can rest easy knowing that Angelo’s got his back and is chugging away putting together PowerPoint slides, arranging his itinerary and booking his flights, updating his website and making sure everything goes smoothly.

“You name it, any little thing I’ve thrown at him he’s knocked out of the park,” Bryan also adds that John Signe and the rest of the team have been great in supporting him and providing the flexibility that he needs.

The Virtual Team behind the frontline VAs is one of the things that make Virtual BizNest’s services different. And this is truly helpful for entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders and executives. They are always on the go, and their needs might change from time to time depending on the challenges they’re facing. So this agility can mean the difference between a major success or a disaster. Especially for those managing large companies that operate in multiple time zones.

Helping Each Other Out

So if there is anything an individual Virtual Assistant can’t handle, if something’s come up beyond ordinary hours, or if the VA is indisposed, then he or she can turn to the rest of the team and get the necessary support. Colleagues will be there, ready and willing to lend a hand or offer advice. This is also why our people are also quick on the uptake. If they’re learning new tasks, they can always ask their peers for input. Like how our clients rely on their VAs, our people can also turn to each other, there are multiple layers of support in play – this is one of the reasons for our success.

“If you haven’t given a Virtual Assistant a try I’d highly recommend it, and I’d like you to try it out with Virtual BizNest and hopefully make it a smashing success. So, good luck to you!” concludes Bryan.

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