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Business Goals You Should Set in 2019

Getting in the groove for 2019? You’ve started the New Year right by working smarter, so now it’s time to capitalize on that approach and take it up a notch. After all, business is going speed up even more – January’s already over and before you know it, February’s come and gone. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, it’s important to keep track of the goals you’re aiming for and the gains you plan on making. Don’t have goals or plans for your business? Then you should start setting some to give your efforts some direction. Here are some business goals you should set for the year:  

Implementing marketing strategies

You’ve thought up all of these Cunning Plans or Pipe Dreams you always mean to carry out, but something comes up, you get busy, get lost in the moment and forget all about your brilliant schemes or can’t follow through. Well, not this year. This time, you’ll do it! The time has come to finally carry out your marketing strategies, to get the ball rolling and follow through with the plan. Leverage your Virtual Assistant to handle all the distractions so you can focus on your marketing strategy. Have the VA help chart things out and set the stage for the implementation. Now that you’re no longer going solo, with a competent helping hand, you and your team can make it happen!  

Improving website traffic

It’s time to get some webdev, SEO and social media work done by your VA. Get your backlinks in order, update your site layout to something that’s modern, not ancient. Bring some life into your social media accounts. With tender loving care, your website can finally see increased traffic. Which means you’ll get more customer engagement and sales.  

Keeping your customers happy

Engaging your customers, tending to the loyal base and growing the numbers by reaching out to new demographics, is key to maintaining and boosting your business. Your VA can take the time to do so, keeping your business authentic, maintaining connections with your customers, while sparing you from having to pour through each and every one of their messages and concerns.  

Assess old processes, maybe create new ones

Which processes worked? And which ones could use some work? Don’t be resistant to change, get some fresh eyes to help you assess the effectiveness of your methods and propose revisions. If you’re doing something right, then that’s great, you can continue with the effective processes. But there’s always room for improvement, don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion. Gauge customer feedback. You can even leverage your VA’s experiences to implement methods that have worked elsewhere.  


Clear out your stocks – physically and virtually. Tidy up that disorganized desktop. Upgrade to new apps and tools that can save time and energy, make use of The Cloud. Start digitizing your bookkeeping and records processes, so you won’t have to amass cabinets worth of paperwork. Retire that old fax machine.  


Avoid micromanaging, give your trusted employees and VAs the leeway they need. You don’t have to fret about every little detail, the exact wording of blog copies or emails, or every single invoice. Trust in your people and give them the opportunity to expand their capabilities. They’ll appreciate being depended on!  

Cutting cost

With a VA relieving your burdens, streamlining your operations with new processes and software, your website coming together and so on, this might be a great time to see how you can reduce your overhead costs. How can you trim your operating expenses? And how can you reduce the costs of your products and services? The latter will certainly catch customers’ attention.   -John Li