Grow Your Online Business with Virtual Assistants

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Even the keenest of entrepreneurs won’t be skilled in all the processes that go into running their online business. This is where Virtual Assistants shine because they are experienced in many of these crucial roles. 

Need to write compelling copy that will move audiences?

Looking for eye-catching graphics for your Instagram posts?

Thinking of upgrading your website and using search engine optimization to draw in more customers?

Dealing with countless customer comments, orders or inquiries? 

Hire an expert to stay on top of everything and get you quality results. The advantages of hiring Virtual Assistants is that smart business owners can delegate these to them, confident in their abilities to fulfill these roles. Should the company scale up operations, they can consider tapping the combined skills of a whole Virtual Team composed of specialist VAs who can even deliver the goods.  (more…)

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Local SEO for Small Businesses Made Simple: How It Works and Why You Need It

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Before the age of the internet, only big corporations had access to large-scale advertising and brand recognition. It was only companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Adidas who were making a name for themselves. Thanks to their bottomless marketing and advertising budgets. Small businesses on the other hand could not compete head-to-head with these large corporations. Advertising alone could suck out their budget. However, everything changed when the Internet was born. The new era of digital marketing leveled the playing field for all businesses regardless of size. But this also means that you will be competing with hundreds of other businesses similar to yours in the same vicinity. So how do you outrank them on Google search? The answer is local SEO or local search engine optimization. (more…)

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