Chris O’Connell of Premium Sign Solutions

Not to toot our own horn but Virtual BizNest has been on quite a roll. We have been making new partnerships, getting busy and productive, and consistently meeting – and exceeding! – our clients’ expectations. And that is why we have this testimonial from Chris O’Connell, a client who has been with us since this January.

His company, Premium Sign Solutions, manufactures and installs signage for establishments in the Los Angeles area. In this industry and in such a competitive locale, the quality of the signs makes the difference between successfully drawing in customers and failing to get noticed. The materials and workmanship put into them must be top-notch.

In short, visibility is the key.

It’s actually not that different from our work in VBN, though we specialize in the digital aspects of boosting brands. Chris also has prior experience in digital marketing and leveraged that knowhow into his sign business. These fields naturally converge and complement each other. After all, whether it’s promoting your brand online with an impressive website or physically through eye-catching signage, it all comes down choosing what’s best for your business – and not settling for less or resorting to half-measures. That’s how you stand out from the rest!

So when a friend suggested VBN to Chris, he knew what to look for. His goal was to grow out his website and increase conversions from it. With that in mind, he reached out to VBN to see if we were up for it. On our end, we were eager to help him achieve those objectives and go even further – we wanted to exceed his expectations. As he says in his testimonial, since we started we’ve updated his site to make the design and interface more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. And through these improvements, we helped with get those conversions he was looking for. Similar to reeling in customers with an awesome sign, right?

All in all, Chris sums it up as a great experience, with the website revamped and the Virtual Assistants now working on their next project with his company. He also applauds the VAs for their attentiveness towards the tasks at hand. In his own words: “Their level of expertise is second to none. I would highly recommend them.”

These are the results we aspire for and deliver.

We do quality work for clients who deserve only the best. In turn, thanks to these partnerships they provide their own customers with even better products and services. This is what we bring to the table, due to our team of brilliant Virtual Assistants who have the knowledge, skill and experience base from having worked with a diverse variety of clients.

We know how to play to each one’s unique strengths in order to maximize the synergy between the client and our VAs and nurture the relationship between them. And, of course, we make sure that each VA is well supported, so that they can put in their best work and give their clients their full attention. This thorough integrity in all levels of the work process is what makes Virtual BizNest different and why our work speaks for itself!

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