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Kudos to Chris: Illana’s Testimonial

One among our many happy clients praising Virtual BizNest and the quality of our Virtual Assistants, Illana was referred to VBN by a friend and colleague who works with her in their local moms’ network. Like many of our clients, Illana was struggling with the sheer volume of her workload, particularly with the content for her site and social media accounts. This is where Virtual BizNest’s VAs greatly helped her. In Illana’s testimonial, she shows her appreciation for our VA services and praises Christopher Cabañog for his high quality work. Good job, Chris! 

VBN’s VA Services Greatly Help Moms Networks 

Many of VBN’s clients are mothers who are also entrepreneurs, running their own businesses. They have to balance multiple responsibilities and at times this can be quite taxing. Especially as their business grows, which means there’s more work to do. Talk about suffering from success! This is where VBN’s Virtual Assistant services come in, since by outsourcing their work to a single VA or a Virtual Team if the workload is rather large, they can free themselves of these responsibilities and get more time for themselves and their families. At the same time, they can rest assured that their work will be done well thanks to the experienced hands at Virtual BizNest. So quality output is guaranteed. 

With Chris’ assistance, Illana can now take a breather, knowing fully well that she can rely on him to sort out the content they have to post, and finding or making new content to post. Likewise with devising strategies or approaches that would grab audience’s attention and drive them to follow their pages. This is essential for growing businesses online and off-line. 

“Chris at VirtualBiz has been absolutely amazing!” Illana exclaims. “He helps me with everything, he’s very attentive, he gets right back to me, very thorough. He’s been posting, helping me post and we’ve been posting lots of articles. I’ve gotten great feedback on it and I’m so happy. I would definitely recommend VirtualBiz to anyone who needs it.”

Thank you so much for the kind words, Illana. We really appreciate the recommendation and how you highlighted the skills of our content marketing Virtual Assistants. 


Does your business need specialized content writer and graphic designer Virtual Assistants? Thinking of leveraging content marketing for your business? Our Virtual Assistants have a proven track record of helping small and medium businesses and startups, lessening the load on business owners so they can focus on strategic thinking, and letting them scale up their enterprises! Reach out to us for inquiries! 


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