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Client Review from
Jorge Salinas of Thunderhorse Moving

In this client review, Jorge Salinas of Thunderhorse Movers expresses his appreciation for Virtual BizNest’s outstanding. The moving industry is quite a challenging field especially in these times, which is why business owners such as Jorge need any edge they can get. And that’s what VBN provided. 

Thunderhorse’s Thundering Applause 

In his client testimonial video, Jorge thanks John Signe and his POC, Hendrix, for helping build his business’ website. Great job, Hendrix! He recommends Virtual BizNest’s service because, in his own words: 

“These guys are the type of company that would listen to you, pay attention to what you’re really looking for, so then they can put it into action.”

As Jorge explains, his partners in VBN were really working on understanding his business, how it works, and understanding Jorge himself. This process of communication and collaboration is essential in achieving our client’s goals and requirements. This is because the VBN process isn’t about rushing haphazardly, since that’s how half-baked results are made. That is not sustainable. Instead, VBN focuses on providing reliable and high-quality service – with timely results, of course.  

After all, VBN’s Virtual Assistants, web designers and other specialists are pros at what they do. It’s their job to find out what the clients and their businesses really need. And find out how they, the VAs, can best help them. That’s the secret to getting the best results with your offshore Virtual Assistant team. Play to their strengths, let them handle those revenue-making tasks, and ultimately get the gains and capabilities you need to scale-up your business.   

So the main priority is in outcomes that will stand on their own merits and provide long term benefits to clients’ businesses. Due to this, VBN’s team delivered an easy to use website that will make Jorge’s business all the more accessible for his potential clients. 

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