Client Testimonial from Francine Rivera, Life Coach

Virtual BizNest’s VAs keep on exceeding their clients’ expectations. Once again, we have more praise from another satisfied business owner who went from struggling solo to finding relief thanks to our Virtual Assistant’s services. Here is Francine Rivera’s glowing client testimonial where she commends Arno for his exceptional capabilities. Good job, Arno! 

Even Life Coaches Need Virtual Assistance

Francine Rivera is a life coach and founder of Life Untapped, which helps women in their mid-life rediscover themselves and manage time productively by putting themselves first. So it is only fitting that she attain the services of a Virtual Assistant, as VBN specializes in helping people manage their time and balance their lives, particularly entrepreneurs. Likewise, Virtual Assistants can help working parents. And in an era where more people are working from home, delegating in order to preserve work-life balance is all the more crucial.

As Francine says in her client testimonial, she found out about Virtual BizNest in a business Facebook group. This shows that Virtual BizNest has developed quite a reputation. Word of our quality VA services is being passed around via word of mouth. This is a testament to the satisfaction of our clients. 

So Francine got in touch with John Signe, founder, and director of VBN, who was extremely helpful and introduced her Virtual Assistant, Arno. He is one of VBN’s leading Virtual Assistants and team supervisors. As Francine says, he has shown himself to be a really nice and friendly guy who knows what he is doing and delivers quality work in a timely fashion.

Stop Struggling, Get Relief with Virtual Assistant Services

“Before I found Arno and Virtual BizNest, I was struggling,” Francine confesses. Solo entrepreneurs often have to wear all hats. And Francine says that there were some she was not skilled in. Thus, with a VA, she can delegate these tasks to someone skilled in such work. In her case, these tasks include graphics, podcast editing, and website design. She says it took so much off her plate and has proven to be such a relief. Now she can focus on other things. 

All in all, Francine says she highly recommends Virtual BizNest. And she adds that entrepreneurs will find that their businesses will do much better when they take things off their plate and delegate these tasks. So they can concentrate on only the things they are really skilled at.

That is the core ethos of Virtual BizNest. Thank you for the kind words, Francine. And, once again, kudos to Arno! 


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