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Client Testimonial from Amanda Vlastas of West University Moms

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a job well done, of having met or even exceeded our clients’ expectations. Hearing about how satisfied they are always warms our hearts at Virtual BizNest. That sense of accomplishment is rewarding. And that’s why we’re delighted to hear from Amanda Vlastas of West University Moms. In her testimonial video, she gave VBN a glowing review.

In her words, thanks to our fantastic Virtual Assistants she was able to find people who did quality work – something she was searching for a while. Our VAs helped her with her blog posts and various tasks ranging from design, marketing, social media and everyday admin tasks. Due to this positive experience, Amanda recommends VBN to anyone out there looking for a Virtual Assistant.

She gives further details about the helpfulness of VBN’s Virtual Assistants in a blog post on her website. She goes in depth about how with her VA’s help she was able to get that most sought after and invaluable thing: free time. As a mom of two boys and an entrepreneur who works at home, her pursuits and passions were starting to keep her up all night. This was when she decided to seek out some help, so she could manage her tasks more effectively and get some time to herself.

“I do need to get the essential ‘me time’ if I still want to be a normal person.  It became very apparent that I needed to get help.”
– Amanda

Thankfully, with VBN, she was able to get what she needed while staying within her startup’s budget. Our Virtual Assistants proved to be up to the tasks, more so than the interns she previously worked with. In her own words, she was amazed at how proactive the VAs turned out to be, taking on tasks that were new to them but adapting quickly and delivering great results – with minimum instruction and supervision.

“He explained that even though some of the jobs were unfamiliar to him, the company’s system backed him up. No one is left on their own. Everyone is encouraged to impart their skills and ideas. And since they work as a team, I am assured that my tasks never get unattended no matter what comes up.”
– Amanda

The resulting amazing quality and consistency of work were well worth the costs, earning Virtual BizNest Amanda’s trust. And that’s something special that we we truly appreciate, since building meaningful relationships with our clients is one of our priorities. And the positive impact we’ve made on Amanda’s business and daily life is also priceless. There’s no substitute for this. Knowing this gives us pride and satisfaction – because making a difference is what makes us different!

“When I wake up and check my emails, I smile with assurance because my virtual team has completed all of the tasks I had asked them to do and more importantly, I get to spend more time with what matters most to me – my 2 little dudes.”
– Amanda