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Client Testimonial from Diane Agars

Virtual BizNest is pleased to receive yet another glowing client testimonial for our Virtual Assistant services, this time from one of our long-term clients, namely Diane Agars. She leads Unstoppable Creators, a company that helps clients become better creators and enhance their businesses; as well as Femme Soul, a luxurious well-being lifestyle retreat and spa.

Diane Agars’ Client Testimonial

In her review, Diane expresses how thrilled she is to be working with the Virtual BizNest team. She exclaims that the entire team has been absolutely outstanding and over the years Unstoppable Creators has been partnering with Virtual BizNest, they have developed a great long-term relationship. 

This partnership has been instrumental in allowing her company to achieve its goals and innovate new solutions that have been invaluable to both Unstoppable Creators and their clients. Due to this, she expresses her gratitude to her crew at VBN, especially Anthony Cirilo, the Operations Manager staying on top of things and ensuring Diane’s requirements are met by VBN’s Virtual Team. 

Virtual BizNest allows Diane to help her own clients better. With Unstoppable Creators, she helps a community of women by providing them with all the support they need to live with purpose and grow their business. Our Virtual Assistants’ help lets Diane facilitate her clients’ judgment-free and soulful life-changing journeys. During these experiences, they will embrace new creative opportunities and live with passion and purpose. And with Femme Soul, Diane offers a wise woman well-being retreat and spa, nourishing and empowering her clients on their journey towards liberation. 

Advantages of Long-Term Virtual Assistants

Diane’s testimonial shows the benefits of a long term partnership with Virtual BizNest. Over time, our Virtual Assistants can fine tune their processes and workflows to better suit clients’ requirements. Clients such as Diane can also develop closer connections with the VAs and be able to collaborate better. This process of development mirrors the growth-centric journeys Diane offers with Femme Soul and Unstoppable Creators. As time goes by, the VAs get better and better, and our clients’ businesses also improve and grow. 

This is important for Femme Soul and Unstoppable Creators, because Diane needs to give her services a personal touch. This requires considerable focus and effort, she can’t afford distractions. So our Virtual Assistant services handle the routinary and tedious tasks involved in running businesses. While Diane dedicates her time and attention to her clients’ needs. Likewise, our VA services allow our partners to have more free time for their personal lives or their family lives. 


Looking for Virtual Assistants who are in it for the long haul, who will be partners in your business, honing their skills and helping your startup grow over the years? You’ve come to the right place! Virtual BizNest is here to provide you with Virtual Assistant services you can depend on for years to come. 


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