You are currently viewing Client Testimonial from Jennie Stehli of CALYgirl STYLD

Client Testimonial from Jennie Stehli of CALYgirl STYLD

Good news, everyone! Virtual BizNest has received another glowing client testimonial. This one is from Jennie Stehli of CALYgirls STYLD, a lifestyle blog based in New York City. 

A Fruitful Partnership

As Jennie says in her video: “It has been a pleasure working with John and Hendrix on my blog and website.” She found our Virtual Assistants professional, respectful and very creative. We have shown ourselves to be very helpful with all her needs, getting back to her in a timely manner. Moreover, our reputation preceded us because a friend of hers and fellow small business owner recommended us to her. So that was how she found out about VBN and leveraged our services.

A Meaningful Client Testimonial and Recommendation

This success and resulting organic development of our reputation, through word of mouth recommendations, is a testament to our skill in helping small businesses. We provide a flexible array of vital services at affordable rates. At the same time, our Virtual Assistants are highly skilled, competent and pleasant to work with. So not only do our clients keep on coming back, they also spread the word and tell their friends that we have been instrumental in their success.  So, in light of all of this, it is no surprise that Jennie continues to sign on with us for additional services. Virtual BizNest has, as she said in her client testimonial, “been a joy.” Thanks, Jennie!   

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