You are currently viewing Client Testimonial from Hillary Tolle Carter

Client Testimonial from Hillary Tolle Carter

As Hillary says, she’s a former communications professional who became a food allergy advocate when her two sons were diagnosed with a long list of food allergies. She parlayed her previous career into a new one, becoming a food allergy educator and advocate. After years of doing this, she wanted to enhance her operation by creating a blog and a website that would serve as a foundation for her business, which people can find on the web when they’re looking for information and help regarding food allergies.


The main obstacle was the lack of technical skills, as Hillary confides in her review. So she sought help from an expert who could completely build her website. While she loves writing, thinking about designing, and other aspects, she had to delegate the website development process to someone else. 

Thankfully, her friend Megan Sullivan pointed her in the right direction. Megan has done two different online businesses through Virtual BizNest, namely In Mom Health and The Local Moms Network. Megan recommended VBN to Hillary.

Now she has been working with her Virtual Assistant, Angelo, who has completely built her website using the Wix platform. They used a template Hillary thought looked nice, and she provides style ideas, pictures and content. Then “he makes it happen,” as Hillary puts it. 

Wonderful Work

She says that it’s been wonderful because web design is not where she wants to, or can, spend her time working. So it’s amazing to have someone available who is fun and easy to work with, and who is really smart and quick. Good job, Angelo! 

Hillary concludes her testimonial by saying:

“So for anybody out there who is looking to build a blog or a website, or do any sort of online business, and who does not have the skills or the time to do it yourself; I highly, highly recommend Virtual BizNest. Everything has been professional and fast and speedy. And I’m really happy about my site.

Thanks, Hillary! For anyone who has food allergy needs, or information, or for those with loved ones dealing with food allergies, be sure to check out Hillary’s site: the Food Allergy Mama and Advocate!

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