Client Testimonial from Holly Bell of Bell Design Group

Another enthusiastic client testimonial for Virtual BizNest. Holly Bell of project development firm Bell Design Group has nothing but praise for our Virtual Assistants and the services they have provided for her and her own clients. Thanks, Holly! 

A Glowing Client Testimonial

The Bell Design Group is all about creating living spaces that balance comfort, memorability and beauty. They transform homes and interiors, which takes quite a lot of skill, expertise and resources. So it makes sense for Holly to leverage the assistance of VBN and our talented VAs. After all, our services are also aimed at helping organizations transform themselves into more streamlined and efficient organizations. 

In her client testimonial, she explains that she has been working with VBN for quite a while and learned about it from a fellow entrepreneur and influencer who recommended our services. So our reputation precedes us and there is an ever-expanding network of people vouching for VBN and suggesting us to their friends. Thanks for your vote of confidence, folks! 

Holly is a designer and a business consultant for others in her industry, fellow builders and designers. And she did us a solid by bringing VBN to service them as well. So for them we cover everything from IT support to web development, web design and project management tools. As Holly explains, a lot of it is IT support which is really valuable for small organizations. Our effective and affordable VA services can help SMEs punch above their weight class. 

Holly expresses her happiness with VBN, how we are extremely responsive. And at the end of the day, she says she looks forward to working with us in future projects. 

Right back at you, Holly. And we really appreciate the testimonial!