You are currently viewing Client Testimonial: Janel Gion Creative Services

Client Testimonial: Janel Gion Creative Services

Here’s another client testimonial praising our hardworking, creative Virtual Assistants.

Being a multi-talented entrepreneur is no mean feat. Janel Gion, founder, CEO and director of  her eponymous Creative Services, is a graphic designer, photographer and creative entrepreneur. But by being excellent in all these fields, Janel also has less time to manage the nitty gritty details of running a business. This was her conundrum, which she expressed to a friend during a marketing conference. And that friend was none other than Carolynne Harvey of Dream Baby Sleep, who recommended John Signe and Virtual BizNest. Again we extend our profound gratitude to her – thanks Carolynne!

Making the Dream Real

As Janel says in her video client testimonial, she’s been building brands for creative professionals for nearly 20 years. She’s worked in corporate America for a similar time, all the while she’s been developing her side hustle as a freelance creative for nearly 20 years. Since last August she’s gone full time and aims to build this business and thrive. All while being a busy mom of two and a wife. These are ambitious life goals and dreams, as she says, but they’re totally worth it.

Of course, these aims aren’t without their struggles and hurdles. As a self-employed entrepreneur, Janel had to do everything – including the accounting and secretarial tasks – leaving less time for her zones of excellence, namely creative work and brand-building. As Janel and Carolynne exchanged notes over the similar challenges they experienced, as well as how they succeeded, the magic of networking occured. During this sharing of ideas, Carolynne went on to recommend VBN, since our Virtual Assistant services really helped her out and looked like it could prove beneficial to Janel as well.

Forging Ties

It’s a natural connection, too. What VBN does is, in a way, much like Janel’s line of business. We help people build their brands, with VBN doing so in the logistical, workforce-augmenting and workload-lightening way. Freed from this, Janel can works her magic on the more creative side of things. As a result of both types of work, we help businesses become better. That’s why from a certain point of view our paths were bound to cross!

So, thanks to that fateful conversation, Janel decided to look into Carolynne’s recommendation. Now she has more than just a VA. She has an entire virtual team with different zones of excellence and expertises, ranging from social media to web design to writing and more. In short, this was just what the doctor ordered. By focusing on her own fortes and delegating the other tasks to her team of Virtual Assistants, Janel is now working smarter, rather than working harder. Now she can focus on building those brands and being creative, and being with her loved ones too!

Promising Forecasts

As the client testimonial shows, business has been going swimmingly. Together, Janel and VBN have developed a relationship that is really looking good. She expects a high level of communication and deliverability in order to save time and money while growing her business – and we will achieve those goals. We’re looking forward to making Janel’s 2019 truly the year of new and exciting things she’s hoping for!

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