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Client Testimonial from Tamara Park of StoryNow

Running a startup ain’t easy. Doubly so in the fast paced world of the media industry. That is why one of Virtual BizNest’s new clients, Tamara Park of StoryNow, sought our services and made good use of her new Virtual Assistant’s abilities. Our VA proved to be an invaluable asset to her business, which is why she provided this glowing client testimonial.

More Praise for Virtual BizNest’s Services

As Tamara Park explains in her client testimonial, being the CEO of a media tech company is a heavy responsibility. So her business advisor helped her connect with John Signe. She explains that administrative tasks were mounting. Taking up vital time that she could have spent on planning strategically to grow her startup. 

Thankfully, Virtual BizNest specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in precisely this type of situation. So John Signe connected Tamara to Chen, one of VBN’s outstanding Virtual Assistants. And she immediately began making Tamara’s life much easier.

According to Tamara, the things she appreciates most about Chen include her professionality and positive attitude. She saw that Chen would jump into whatever task was assigned to her with a sense of enthusiasm and excellence. She would get it done and lighten the load on Tamara’s shoulders. Due to this, the CEO has more time to focus on the strategic aspects of running a business. 

The Responsibilities of a CEO

As CEO and co-founder of StoryNow, she is steering the company and is responsible for its continued growth and success. Moreover, StoryNow is a pioneer in the “story economy.” It is composed of award-winning filmmakers, consultants, psychologists and tech experts. And they help organizations rise by turning them into storytelling powerhouses. Tamara herself is an award-winning director who has produced stories across the world, tackling a wide variety of topics including humanitarian causes like the plight of refugees and the homeless. She works with nonprofits that pull off incredible feats. Yet nonetheless they require money, time, help with getting their stories out, and more. With StoryNow she aims to address their problems in a scalable way. So these organizations can spread the word with storytelling, raise awareness, and grow their efforts. 

Needless to say, she must prioritize her time. The less hours spent on endless spreadsheets, the more time and effort she can direct to more important matters. That is why the services of Virtual Assistants allow business leaders to offload low-priority tasks so they can tackle the big issues with laser focus.  

In Tamara’s words, the professionalism and positivity she saw in Chen represents the core values John Signe and the Virtual BizNest team have cultivated. This is why they are of such big help to entrepreneurs such as herself. So she highly recommends utilizing their services, as they are a true asset and have become in a real sense an extension of her company

Thanks for the client testimonial, Tamara. And good job, Chen! 

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