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Digital Ads, Online Marketing, Set to Outpace Traditional Media

It’s a good time for businesses to shift to online marketing and get the right Virtual Assistants for the job because traditional media and advertising’s days might be numbered. Digital advertising will eclipse old media for the first time, or so predictions say. Platforms like Google, Facebook and Alibaba are set to overtake their traditional counterparts in a paradigm-shift that has been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. It’s a time of disruption and enterprises need to adapt, stat!   

Which Way The Wind Is Blowing 

Various media and advertising agencies are predicting this development based on current figures. Traditional media is going to be upstaged. While the pandemic has hit everyone, digital advertisement spending is going to dip by 2.4%. On the other hand traditional media like TV, newspapers and outdoor advertising will fall by 20.7%. Ouch!  The shift to eCommerce has definitely influenced these developments. More and more people are online, so online marketing can reach them better. Whereas their consumption of traditional media is declining. Moreover, during the lockdown, it’s not like they could go out around town and see ads on billboards. With more people at home and staying online, they will also be doing their shopping online. 

Small Businesses Are Driving The Change To Online Marketing

The ones responsible for digital advertising skywards? Small businesses. Online marketing gets enterprises more bang for the buck. Since the lockdown, companies have been slashing costs and online marketing is cheaper.  While some thought the current crisis would slow down the rise of digital marketing, it turns out small businesses and local enterprises were the quickest to pivot to online ads. They did so to keep their businesses alive, but their innovation rewarded them. Online marketing allowed them to stay in touch with their customer base, or even reach them better, in ways bigger companies with more traditional marketing approaches couldn’t manage.  The changing trends are definitely allowing more players to enter the game and capitalize. This is great for SMEs that want to punch above their weight classes. So it’s definitely time to improve your eCommerce with Virtual Assistants!


Startups, small and medium businesses and companies in general must stay agile, cut dead weight, streamline their operations and get the results they need to stay afloat. Moreover, while times are tough, these can also provide enterprises with opportunities to enter markets that were previously impenetrable to them. Agile, innovative entrepreneurship is vital for this period. And online marketing, digital ads, and talented Virtual Assistants who are savvy in these will be force multipliers for this disruptive period.