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Client Testimonial from Edee Burton of EngagedMedia

More acclaim for Virtual BizNest and the caliber of our Virtual Assistants. VBN was hired by Edee Burton of EngagedMedia, a boutique marketing agency that helps brands expand their reach and generate sales through digital marketing. Those are right up VBN’s alley. In this client testimonial, Edee elaborates on how VBN’s digital marketing Virtual Assistants helped her business as well as her clients.

Get Professional Support with Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants 

Edee mentions that her colleagues in digital marketing recommended Virtual BizNest. They also utilized VBN’s Virtual Assistant services and found them satisfactory. This shows our established reputation for quality work. Edee turned to VBN because she had clients that required a quick turnaround time for their projects. And Edee’s company, EngagedMedia, needed that kind of support. She praises our Virtual Assistant Chris Cabañog for delivering the targeting and creative output they needed. Edee says that VBN’s team has been absolutely nothing but helpful and incredibly responsive.

These tasks include running Facebook ads for several client companies. The process included the creation of a marketing strategy, the writing of ad copies, creating the ad creatives. As well as ensuring that the ad campaign was targeting the right people. These are important for the success and growth of online businesses.

“Chris really went above and beyond with my questions,” Edee says, attesting to the caliber of our highly effective Virtual Assistants. And she says that the VBN VA team’s turnaround time was also most impressive. “We will absolutely be working with them again and recommend them to anyone that’s in need of support with either their digital agency or internal work in your business.” 


Edee’s testimonial shows how Virtual BizNest’s VA services can make a difference for digital marketing agencies. And the clients they are working with as well. With our Virtual Assistants, our clients get extra helping hands and also receive support from consummate professionals with much experience in their field. Our VAs know what they are doing and accomplish their tasks in a timely manner with quality output. So they can be assured of the results. With this, they can grow their business and scale up, while meeting their own clients and customers’ needs in a satisfactory way. 


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