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How Entrepreneurs Can Stop Wasting Time

Entrepreneurs struggling to stay on top of their startups are often short on time, especially parents who are also self-employed and balancing work and family. For most business owners, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day. But there is a way to fit in all the work that needs to be done and have time left for yourself, your family and loved ones, and even have time to pursue your passions, go to the gym or take a vacation. The trick lies in time management, pruning unnecessary activities and focusing on what’s most important. At Virtual BizNest, we specialize in helping business owners stop wasting time and get the breathing room they deserve. So here are the superfluous and time-wasting activities you need to reduce:

What To Trim

Time-wasting activities include menial tasks and distractions that take up so much of your mental focus and energy. While each one may seem relatively minor, they can accumulate and take away a significant number of hours each day. For business owners , this can be quite costly. Here are a few examples of menial tasks and distractions that could be trimmed:

Meetings: Conferences, group calls and so on. These aren’t necessarily superfluous but a lot can actually be done via email and save everyone’s time.

Checking the Inbox: Going through long and tedious email exchanges, many of which aren’t relevant to your interests or involve matters that should be let to subordinates, can take away precious minutes of your ay. So be sure to check your inbox at set times and let people know that you will only respond to them during those times. Co-workers and employees will start devising their own solutions instead of reflexively sending inquiries regarding each and every issue. 

Taking Calls: Use voicemail, check them later when you no longer have to multitask.

Social Media: This is a major time consuming task. While it is important to maintain a social media presence, time spent online must be limited. Reduce it as much as possible. 

Running Around Putting Out Fires: If you don’t plan your day then you will end up rushing from task to task trying to resolve them with no real coordination. Because you are not doing it in an orderly way, your responsibilities end up being bottlenecked and you end up being less effective at every task. So be sure to plan your day, even set scheduled times for conversations, meetings and calls with clients, and have a fixed to-do list. With this you can avoid meandering through the day with no direction or agenda.  

Outsource and Stop Wasting Time

If the listed tasks and activities consume a lot of your time, our tips can help to reduce wasted minutes or hours while boosting productivity and efficiency. Still, business owners can be swamped even if they spend less time on Facebook or Twitter. If the load is simply too much that streamlining one’s schedule isn’t enough, then it’s time to delegate. 

Delegation is the secret weapon of entrepreneurs. It isn’t just finding a subordinate who will bear the burden, it is about teamwork. Finding the right people to execute tasks and handle responsibilities competently. So you will be relieved of your workload and have people performing those tasks effectively. Maybe even do the tasks better than you. So you will be increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability while reducing the time spent on each task.

Virtual Assistants can handle every one of the above tasks. After all, you can delegate almost every aspect of business. From secretarial work like taking calls, to HR and administrative tasks, to accounting and bookkeeping, to highly technical tasks like website design and development, or building apps. And in these times, with the lockdowns due to COVID-19, more businesses have had to innovate and shift their work processes online.

Virtual Solutions 

Virtual BizNest offers remote staffing solutions that allow businesses and individual entrepreneurs to capitalize on delegation. They can transform their work processes and make them more efficient and spare entrepreneurs from time-consuming tasks. With this, your business will run better than before while you can finally get the time-off you deserve.  

Want to stop wasting time and make your business more profitable? Reach out to Virtual BizNest and delegate your worries away!

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