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Essential Preparations for Working while Traveling

Going on a business trip? Or are you thinking of working while traveling and getting some well-deserved R&R? Whether you’re a startup or small-business owner, or a Virtual Assistant yourself, it’s easy to stay productive even when you’re traveling and discovering yourself. Still, there are a few essential must-haves so that this experience will be convenient and stress-free. Missing out or forgetting these preparations can make things complicated or even ruin the whole trip and make remote work untenable. So, better remember to pack or prep the following:

A reliable and light laptop

Self-explanatory, you’ll need your laptop to do actual work since not everything can be done by phone. Spreadsheets, documents, conferences and entertainment, most of these are going to be inevitable. At the same time, your device shouldn’t be too cumbersome especially if you plan to bring it around with you outside the hotel room.

A sturdy carry-on

Checking bags run the risk of improper handling, loss or misplacement, and you don’t want that happening to your stuff – especially that reliable and light laptop. So avoid being in an airport horror story and opt for carry-on, especially for your crucial stuff. You’ll need luggage that’s durable enough to deal with a bit of turbulence in the overhead storage but light enough so you can carry it around and move quickly without straining yourself.

Backing your work data in The Cloud

Not a physical item per se but a preparation prior to the trip and during it as well. In the event you lose your laptop or it breaks down – heaven forbid – you’ll want your work data accessible in the Cloud. Whether you switch to your phone or work from an internet cafe or library, you can carry on with most of your work intact.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Want to do a bit of work in a public and perhaps noisy place like a cafe? Or just aiming to zone out and listen to some tunes? Looking to follow up on that favorite podcast of yours? Noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have for working while traveling. You can escape the din and bustle and focus on your priorities.

A trusty Virtual Assistant to hold the fort

If you’re a business owner then you’ll almost certainly be worried about how things are going back home. And if you’re traveling in another time zone, you might not be able to check in on your staff during work hours. This is where a reliable Virtual Assistant comes in. He or she can ensure things are running smoothly while giving you situation reports. The VA can also help you organize your travel itinerary and bookings, since you will be busy with other preparations. If you’re a VA yourself, then if you’re operating in a team it’s sound procedure to endorse your tasks to your teammates. Even if you are planning to continue working as usual while traveling, you can’t predict service interruptions and emergencies, so having a colleague at home base ready to fill in for you will cover all bases.

A schedule

Speaking of itineraries, be sure to set a schedule so that while you can get some work in, the it won’t take up too much time during your trip. Workaholics might forget they’re actually traveling, and instead of having fun they might just continue chugging away as if they’re still in the office. Then they’ll realize that they’re short of time and rush through their destinations. That’s no fun! So set boundaries, and make sure you have enough time to enjoy the experience and take it all in.

Some melatonin

It’s exciting to visit a new place, to the point where sleep might not come easy. New sights, new sounds, a new bed, maybe even a different time zone. Melatonin supplements are an effective way of easing your body into sleep and making sure your circadian rhythm or sleep cycle doesn’t get out of whack. These are just a few essentials for working while traveling. Be sure to pack your sleep masks, sunscreen and bug spray. Take lots of food pics and enjoy your trip! -John Li

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