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Virtual assistant or outsourced employee is someone who works remotely using the latest technology to communicate real time with a client from the other side of the world. They are assigned tasks depending on their specialties and accomplishing it in a given timeline just like an ordinary office employee. In short, they assist their client’s need without the necessity of setting foot inside a client’s office.

VA’s help your business’ growth. As a business owner you cannot fulfill all your tasks yourself in a short period of time. VA’s are your extra hand, assisting you with the necessities of your business. One of the best benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is your access to world talent and decrease in operational cost, you can save expenses for office space, additional taxes, and office equipment.

Hourly rates varies depending on the specialty of the candidates. Of course data entry VA has a huge difference from a PHP developer. For a better computation you can request a consultation from our Business Development Manager.

With Virtual BizNest we do not bind you to a contract locking you for a period of time. We let you decide when you want to start and whenever you want to end in a monthly basis.

Once you select a VA to work for you they will automatically adjust to your desired working hours. Holidays will also be followed on your end, if you need them to work on special holidays such as Christmas or New Year or if you have a preferred days off which are not on weekends then we can work it out with your virtual assistant.

No, everyone can have a virtual assistant. If you are a busy person no matter what type of job you do and you think an extra hand is something you can use for some tasks you need to fulfill, then you can hire a virtual assistant to help you accomplish that.

Yes you may. As a matter of fact we advise to train your virtual assistant with your preferred methods of work as well as to the different tools you need in their tasks.

Your virtual assistant is your main point of contact. You communicate to them directly in terms of tasks, but if you have concerns that needs escalation then your point of contact will be our Accounts Manager. They will cater to your needs if you want some changes with the agreements or in terms of the setup with your VA, or if you have complains that needs to be addressed.

Absolutely! These aren’t expected but it would be highly appreciated.