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Free Yourself with a Virtual Assistant

Are you short on me-time? Too busy juggling tasks like bookkeeping, filing or dealing with customers, and don’t have a moment to spare for some R&R or quality time with the kids? Well, fret no more! There’s one way you can free yourself up to have that vacay you’ve always been planning. How? By getting a Virtual Assistant, that’s how! With a VA, you can finally have the precious spare time you deserve so much!

A Balanced Life is a Healthy Life

All work and no play makes John, or Jane, a dull… you get the picture. Overwork is actually becoming a health concern these days, so some time away from work shouldn’t be considered a “waste.” Think of it as an investment in your health, and an opportunity to do other more fulfilling activities in your life. Work on your tan, go kayaking, or finally start on that Netflix series you’ve always wanted to check out. Try out some yoga to ease the stress on your lower back. These sound way better than an evening doing bookkeeping, don’t they?

If you happen to be a parent and a small business owner then, working too much won’t just affect you, it’ll affect the rest of the fam as well. You need time off to be with the kids. You can’t miss out on these golden moments just because you need to do some beancounting. Family is too important for that, so it’s time to get someone else to do the tedious jobs.

In this article, startup owner and dedicated mom Amanda Vlastas describes how hiring a virtual assistant freed her time and her mind. Thanks to VirtualBiznest, running West University Moms and caring for her family got way easier.

So consider VA who can fulfill these roles for you, and reliably too.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Yes, you’ve worked hard on your business and have every reason to be proud of it. But sometimes working too hard can have detrimental effects. Beyond health issues, it can even affect the quality of your work. If you’re balancing so many roles, the quality of your products or services – which you’ve been trying so hard to elevate – can actually diminish!

So don’t run yourself ragged. You don’t have to go at it alone. You, and your company, deserve better. Let the VA do what they do best, the accounting, filing, customer service, clerical and secretarial roles, and so on. They can ease your burden and offer a fresh set of eyes. They’re hardworking and innovative, great at what they do thanks to their experiences and always eager to learn new tricks of the trade.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of the output or meeting the deadlines – because the results are guaranteed. At the same time, the VA’s services will still be more affordable than a full-time local employee.

A Startup is Like a Baby… So Consider a Babysitter!

Parents who need some extra time call on babysitters, and this has no negative effect on the family. In fact, it’s a win-win since the parents can enjoy date-nights while the kids make new friends. Likewise, getting some help for your business will be beneficial. With a VA, you can leverage all the pros they offer and avoid the cons of going at it solo.

Delegation is just so beneficial, according to Harvard Business Review, to be a great leader you have to learn how to delegate well. And that’s what you want, to lead your startup to success. You can’t afford to not delegate. Free yourself from micromanaging so you can finally earn those macro- and mega- gains for your health, your family and your business!


– John Li

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