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Great Ways Virtual Assistants Can Boost Your Business’ Google Ranking

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the fortes of our Virtual Assistant services. One way we improve our clients’ Google ranking is by optimizing their Google My Business listing, to help it reach a wider audience and thus more customers. With this, those who need their products or services will have an easier time finding what they are looking for, and the business will generate more sales.

Simple Ways Virtual Assistants Can Improve Your Business’ Google Ranking

“What is Google My Business?” you might ask. It is a listing of a business’ information, from the products and services they offer, to regular updates and posts. It also includes customer reviews. Google My Business is a handy resource for potential customers. This is why optimizing it is important, so that Google’s algorithms will give it a higher ranking when people look for certain keywords related to the business. 

Business leaders who are busy focusing on guiding their enterprises and making deals can delegate these SEO boosting tasks to their VAs. So while they handle strategic matters, the Virtual Assistants can tweak the brand’s Google My Business page. 

Basic information that must be easy to find in any GMB listing include:

  • The products or services the business offers. 
  • Contact details such as phone numbers or messengers.
  • The business’ operating hours, if it has parking, or if it does deliveries. 
  • Reviews of other customers showing the quality of the brand’s products or services.

These should be available to potential customers through the Google My Business page, so that they will have the information they need even before they reach the brand’s website. By the time they open the business’ online store, they might have already decided to make a purchase. 

While the business’ website can already have the information listed on GMB, the listing makes indexing the information easier. It makes the information consistent across Google’s various services such as Search and Maps. 

The more thorough information the business provides, the more Google’s search engine algorithms will favor said business. Since Google is the most dominant search engine, businesses must optimize their sites and listings to get better rankings on the platform. It will also compliment Virtual Assistant website developers’ services in tweaking the business’ homepage to improve its local SEO rankings


Give your business the best Google ranking possible by enlisting the help of our expert Virtual Assistants. They will ensure your company’s website and Google My Business page will adhere to the best practices required by the search engine’s algorithms. This will improve your business’ rankings, allowing it to reach more customers and generate more sales. 


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