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How To Know If Your VA Means Business

Working with a Virtual Assistant or virtual staff may not be intuitive for business owners who are more traditional and accustomed to interacting with employees in person. Yes, there are voice and video conferences, but more often than not the medium most frequently used will be email and various kinds of messengers like Slack. So, gauging your VA’s attitudes might not be intuitive. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Here are some ways you can tell that your VA means business.



This may not seem easy to assess virtually, but there are still signs that can show how passionate they are. How do VAs respond to requests? If they took the effort to convey enthusiasm, odds are they do honestly mean it.

Here’s another sign: when it’s crunch time, is the VA going the extra mile and going past the allotted hours just to finish up work instead of disappearing when it’s past time? Then that VA is definitely a keeper!


Follows Up

Running a startup can be hectic and sometimes you lose track of things. That’s why you have a VA to help out. And it’s definitely a positive sign if your VA pings you to follow up on tasks if it’s slipped your mind or if you’ve been swamped. It shows that they are staying on top of things and actively asking for assignments, rather than taking the lapse as a chance to idle.


Takes Initiative

On that note, does your VA passively wait for the tasks to arrive, idling during that period, or do they try to spend it constructively? The latter is a great sign. If you log in and find your VA already there, starting on the next task or going over yesterday’s work then you’ve most probably lucked out on a great VA.


Voices Out, Asks Questions

It’s also a good sign if the VA goes beyond just saying “yes sir, yes ma’am” and voices out their opinions politely and provide positive input. It not only shows that the VA is sharp, it also shows that they are willing to put in the extra effort to let you know their side of things, rather than just passively agreeing or following orders.

If the VA asks questions, it could mean that they are not familiar and want to learn more or make sure. Or, depending on the question, it shows that they are engaging with the subject and are genuinely interested.

If the VA provides educated input, it can mean they have experience in the subject and could be a useful resource regarding that.

Of course, some VAs are not as chatty, there are hardworking but quiet types, or their personality type means they’re less proactive or outspoken and are content to wait. In many cases, this changes when the VA becomes more familiar and more at ease with voicing out or asking questions.


Interested in Learning

A proactive VA will ask about other aspects of your business processes or tasks, beyond the ones you’ve already given them. With this, the VA can determine how to best aid you or what what they need to brush up on. This is a great sign that the VA is driven and dedicated in their work.


Open to More Roles

A curious VA who is out to learn more may be open to taking up more roles. They may already be capable of those roles, or could be trainable. So if you’re looking to expand operations, a trainable VA is definitely a plus. So if you’re thinking of getting more hours or roles from your VA, reach out to their management.


Leverages Previous Experience (Gives Suggestions)

There are new VAs who want to learn and do more, and there are also seasoned ones who’ve been around. These can bring their previous work experiences to bear to help you out. Who knows, they might end up teaching you a trick or two. Such VAs can be very useful, and if your startup is expanding and you plan to recruit more employees or hire more virtual staff, then an experienced VA can help train them and get them up to speed on your behalf.


Indispensable Assets

For startup and business owners, a good VA can become an indispensable asset to the operation. A VA, or virtual staff, can graduate from working on tedious tasks to shouldering specialized and vital responsibilities. But it’s a two-sided street, the VA has to be up for it or have the potential for it, and the client has to be able to spot the signs and nurture the capacity. There’s a golden opportunity there, just waiting to be seized by VA and client alike. Both shouldn’t miss it!

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