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Maintaining Brand Recognition During Lockdown

With lockdown, non-essential businesses either switch to work-at-home setups, pivot to eCommerce and delivery or pickup services, or close their operations for the duration of the crisis. But even then, businesses can still maintain brand recognition, strengthen ties with customers, raise awareness and even do their part and pitch in for the community. This can be done through social media, online marketing, apps and other methods. So being in quarantine does not have to be a totally unproductive time.
Here are a few ways businesses can make the best out of the current situation.

Raising Awareness and Lifting Spirits

As most people are spending their time cooped in for days, their consumption of online content has increased. They want news of the outside world, updates from their favorite brands and establishments, etc. Is their favorite restaurant doing deliveries, and does it have promos or special meal combinations? If they are feeling down, which is understandable given the circumstances, they will probably look for lighthearted content to brighten their days. So brands can maintain their connection with their customers and the greater community by providing the content people seek. Informational materials on how to stay safe and healthy, or what the brand is doing to help with relief efforts, are always welcome. Restaurants can even share their recipes, like Shakey’s Japan with their mojos recipe. If the business still has delivery or pickup options, then they should remind customers of their schedules, of their available stocks, and any promos. People will definitely appreciate this.

Social Media Magic

Sharing pleasant content in social media is also a Must Do for maintaining brand recognition. Make sure the content is engaging and as much as possible unique. It should also be relevant to the brand. Moreover, with people sheltering in place, they will definitely feel nostalgic. They will pine for the good old days. And they probably cannot wait for the crisis to end so they can go out and visit their favorite places and treat themselves. So it behooves brands to remind their customers of the good times and give them something to look forward to. So throwback videos and other media are the order of the day! Show your greatest hits and best moments. Acknowledge favorite customers, even. If your brand has memberships and subscriptions, treat them to some exclusive content.

Building A Sense of Community

Speaking of memberships and subscriptions, there is something a lot of gyms and fitness brands are doing right. While their establishments are closed, they are still doing their best to keep their communities healthy by sharing workout and dieting tips that can be done at home. They are holding virtual classes, with either private or group sessions. And they are congratulating participants for achieving their goals. They are doing this on social media, or through apps for those that have them. This is a great example of reinforcing a sense of community in a brand’s customer base. After all, the greater customer experience isn’t only buying a brand’s products and services, the totality of the thing includes the wider family that’s formed between fellow customers, peers who have something in common with each other, their shared affinity for the brand and their similar lifestyles, and so on. Brands can build on this. They don’t need to be gyms or fitness companies sharing videos of customers doing push-ups. Those social media challenge videos going around are excellent for fostering a sense of togetherness. And they might subtly, or not so subtly, promote brands – like the #DontRushChallenge where the participants passed around makeup brushes.

Have Fun And Brighten Days

Most of these aforementioned social media challenge videos that went viral are organic and are just in good fun. And that’s the most important part, whether something is well-planned or spur of the moment, the key is to brighten people’s days. That is one surefire way brands can give back to their communities, because everyone benefits from a good dose of humor.