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Virtual Assistants For Doctors and Health Care Providers

[ux_image id=”4867″] [divider height=”0px”] Healthcare and medicine, now that is a real grind. Doctors, nurses and other professionals and care providers work long hours to ensure their patients’ needs are met. And then they have to fill out essential but time-consuming paperwork, forms and reports. Needless to say, late or inaccurate data can have severe consequences. The business-side of running a clinic or care facility can also be quite a handful. So for healthcare professionals who have to balance time with their patients and paperwork, medical Virtual Assistants and Virtual Teams can be a real blessing! Maybe they can even have time-off to live their lives and be with their loved ones. It’s a real win-win, as our client Ann Garcia says. She is the founder and head of Com For Care Assisted Living and with our Virtual Assistants she was able to leverage their expertise in the business-side of her elderly care company. [ux_video url=”″] Not convinced? Here are the specific ways medical Virtual Assistants and Virtual Teams can help your practice:

Contacting patients

Your VAs can stay in touch with patients or their next of kin, particularly if they are hard to reach, or when you are busy or off-hours. They can serve as your secretaries, being the first point of contact so you won’t be drowned in missed calls and messages.

Scheduling patient appointments and appointment reminders

Similarly, if you are short on time, juggling appointments and keeping everything organized can take much of your time. So delegate it to the VAs and watch as your operation is streamlined. You can focus on more crucial tasks while everything flows smoothly.

Data Entry and Transcription

You can make charting and updating patient files and records so much easier with the help of a VA. They can transcribe the information you dictate and make sure everything is updated and backed up. So the patient data is secure and safe from loss.

Organizing workplace inventory

Operating a clinic or home for the elderly? Then your stores better be full. VAs can stay on top of this, reaching out to vendors, following up on deliveries and ensuring your supplies are replenished.

Company finances and payroll

Balancing the books is a critical component of any business, and a bookkeeper can be invaluable in this regard. Your VA can crunch the numbers, getting into the nitty gritty, saving you the time and stress of doing so while making sure your accounts are in order.

Business process optimizing

As Ann Garcia mentioned, VAs can greatly help you make your health care business more efficient. If you have plans on growing your operation, then make good use of VAs or Virtual Teams who will help you meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Medically Conversant

Filipino VAs are fluent in English and familiar with medical terminology, as the country boasts a large number of skilled nurses, many of whom pursue alternative career paths in fields like the BPO industry. So you’ll leverage Filipino ingenuity and expertise, with polite VAs who’ll have good bedside manner when communicating with patients, who can fill orders and transcribe data accurately due to their familiarity with the terminology.

HIPAA Compliant

Your medical Virtual Assistants or Virtual Team will be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. So patient medical information and data privacy will be ensured.

Takeaway: Improved Operations, Improved Quality of Care

So by delegating these roles to medical Virtual Assistants, you can expand your staff cost-effectively. This includes saving up on workplace expenses. Your operation will be streamlined, and you can focus on what you do best – taking care of your patients. Relieved of some of their load, doctors and health workers can then improve the quality of their services and have a better work-life balance.

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