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Office Life in Virtual BizNest

Here at Virtual BizNest we pride ourselves in the quality of services our Virtual Assistants provide. We firmly believe that our system, composed a team of both office- and home-based workers collaborating and supporting one another, provides better results for our clients and makes things easier for our own people. In short, VBN office life is part of what makes us different.

A Second Home

Our office is more than just a sterile collection of cubicles. We make it homey and cozy while maintaining professionalism. This helps maintain our people’s health and well-being. So here’s what VBN has to offer:

Delicious home office-cooked meals.
Aside from eating out, in normal Philippine office life workplaces are frequently visited by vendors who provide delicious packed meals they’ve made at home. Like street food, but straight to your pantry. UberEats before that even existed. Now in VBN we’ve taken it a step further with a well-equipped pantry that allows our Virtual Assistants to show off their culinary knowhow and make tasty dishes made out of fresh ingredients. It sure beats fast food.
The best chef in the office is undoubtedly Anthony. Arnel, his brother, is also quite good. Anyway, having our own kitchen helps let us prepare healthy food, cuts down on the costs of eating out or going for less-healthy takeout food, and allows the VAs to have sit down meals together, which is great for morale.

Aaaand aftercare.
Of course with cooking and meals, there comes the inevitability of cleaning the dishes. Our VAs have organized a system where they take turns on the dishes. Each has their own focal chore of the day. This keeps things fair and is only right if your colleague’s made scrumptious sweet and sour chicken or chop suey that’s filled everyone up.

A place to nap.
We have a double decker so our Virtual Assistants can take naps during their breaks and come back to work energized. This might not seem like much, but there’s an epidemic of overwork that has real consequences on people’s lives, causing burnout and chronic health issues. People worldwide are also not getting enough sleep and it has terrible consequences, including cognitive decline, depressed immune systems and worse. We care about our people so we try our best to make sure we have healthy, happy VAs.

Netflix and gaming on weekends.
All work and no play… you know the rest. When it’s the weekend and all the work is done, our Virtual Assistants can relax and watch Netflix or play video games. Sometimes, the connection at home isn’t really that good, so we can use the office internet for leisure as well, to keep up to date on our favorite shows. Now that Game of Thrones is over we’ll have to find something new to follow!

Healthy, Happy VAs

As our clients know all too well, a balanced life is a good life. Our services help our clients find enough time to relax and breathe, be with their families and so on. So we try our best to extend the same considerations to our Virtual Assistants. We believe that this is the right thing to do and is also the key to having VAs who are a cut above the rest, whose health and satisfaction translates to a different level of service. Based on our clients’ experiences, the results speak for themselves!

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