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Biznest is HIPAA-certified and has a talented pool of NEMT dispatch agents who can help you schedule your non-emergency transport service.

Our New Virtual Assistant Team Provides Medical Transport Services

The increasing demand for healthcare services in the market today has created a need for more healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to meet the rising demand. 

Virtual Biznest has added a talented pool of NEMT dispatch agents to their creative virtual assistant team. Learn the common types of NEMT services, what NEMT is, and how to find qualified dispatch agents for NEMT business. 

Read on.

What Is NEMT?

The California Department of Health Services defines two types of non-emergency medical transportation. Non-emergency medical transportation is for people with disabilities who cannot get private or public transportation. There are four common types of NEMT transport services. 

Medical sedan

A medical sedan is an ambulatory vehicle. It is for patients who do not need medical equipment when traveling to and from the hospital or clinic for their appointment. These people can walk and move freely. They only need simple transport assistance.

Wheelchair Van

These modified vehicles come with a lifting mechanism for a person in a wheelchair. This service typically includes CPR-trained personnel to operate the van and the wheelchair lift. 

Litter Transport

Litter is a type of wheelless transportation. The word derives from the old French word that means bed. This kind of NEMT is a stretcher transport service for non-emergency patients. A litter van is a vehicle that comes with a stretcher to transport patients unable to sit upright.

Courier Service

Human blood, organs, and other biological matter get transported to and from hospitals and research facilities using medical courier services. However, these medical transport service providers must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Biznest is HIPAA-certified and has a talented pool of NEMT dispatch agents who can help you schedule your non-emergency transport service. We trained our staff to provide high-level customer service and meet your needs proficiently and efficiently.

Is NEMT Service A Good Business?

NEMT is an essential medical service. It helps people who need to get to the hospital for their medical appointments, therapy sessions, lab tests, and other non-emergency medical services. It is necessary for those who cannot get public transportation due to physical or financial limitations. It provides patients with reliable and safe transportation, allowing them access to medical care.

Benefits of Non-emergency Medical Transport Service

The growing demand for medical care makes NEMT services more significant than ever. It is especially true in rural areas, where access to healthcare can be limited. NEMT services provide a vital link between rural communities and medical care. 

Consider some of the benefits of the NEMT transport service:

  • Reliable transportation options for non-emergency patients.
  • Non-emergency patients can travel safely and securely to their medical appointments.
  • Care providers can get transport their patients efficiently.
  • Peace of mind for patients concerned about their safety.
  • Increased opportunity for businesses to offer various types of medical transport services

NEMT helps patients get to medical facilities for their non-emergency medical needs. It assures that patients receive the necessary medical care promptly, even if they lack access to transportation. 

Non-emergency medical transportation services are a profitable business. The population of the elderly, disabled, and people needing medical care is ever-increasing. It means that the demand for non-emergency medical transportation services is also increasing, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Where to find qualified NEMT dispatch agents?

BizNest is a market leader in Non-Emergency medical transportation call centers and dispatching services. We can provide trained NEMT agents to handle your dispatching, billing, and customer service needs.

Our company is a US-registered corporation with offices in Cebu City, Philippines. We can offer you an affordable solution without sacrificing quality to start your NEMT business. We are HIPAA-compliant and have a talented virtual team of customer service professionals with medical backgrounds.

We offer our clients geographic exclusivity to give them a competitive advantage. Let’s discuss how BizNest can assist you in conquering your market in 2023 and beyond!

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