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Ensuring the Health and Safety of Our Virtual Assistant Team During the Pandemic

In light of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual BizNest has take the initiative to enact precautions to ensure the health and safety of its Virtual Assistants. On March 13, John Signe announced that VBN would shift to a work-at-home setup to minimize the team’s risks of exposure. After all, VBN prioritizes the safety, health and wellness of its team.

Proactive Measures

John Signe’s decision was timely as the next week the Cebu City government placed the community under quarantine (March 16). VBN’s team had time to prepare because Signe acted in advance. Operations had already shifted ahead of time in an organized fashion. VBN’s orderly shift gave our Virtual Assistants ample time to take personal precautions and prepare for social distancing and quarantine. They were able to return to their families, stock up on supplies and even bring computers and monitors home. The latter was supervised by Signe’s right hand man, Anthony Cirilo with CPUs, monitors and even the cables all itemized.

Well-Oiled Machinery

Now the team continues to function while working remotely and complying with social distancing protocols. Before the shift, the Virtual Assistants already devised protocols to check up on each other and track team and individual activities. VBN also considered our clients’ needs. The fact is that the global health emergency will likewise affect their operations. So our end, the team continues to provide effective, unimpaired Virtual Assistant services. We are maintaining productivity and complying with safety necessities while adapting to the changing conditions.

We Will Weather This

Needless to say, these are hard times with the pandemic. Its effects cannot be underestimated or downplayed and all parties must take all the necessary precautions. From the individual level to that of organizations, all must pitch in. We can take solace in the fact that we are not in this alone. We can do our part by helping one another. By coming into each other’s aid, by considering the fraught circumstances and organizing accordingly, we can and will prevail.

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