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Q&A with Hamptons Moms

We at Virtual BizNest stand by our VAs and the services they provide – and so do our clients! Their testimonies are proof of the quality of our VAs’ performance and serve as badges of pride. So you can’t blame us if we showcase their glowing comments about us and how we helped them improve their businesses and lives.

Enid from Hamptons Moms is among them, a real multitasker who balances being a lifestyle blogger on all social media platforms with being a full-time mother of three. So, of course she would leverage a Virtual Assistant to help her out with her business and give her enough time to be with her family. It makes perfect sense.

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Here in this video, she and VBN CEO John Signe have a brief one-on-one discussing how our VA, Arno, impacted her startup. They start from the very beginning, namely how she came across VBN and what made her decide to choose us. And she explains that she heard of us from the local moms’ network when she was starting her site and asking around for a web developer as she didn’t have enough time to go through the painstaking process herself.

Her associates directed her to VBN. She wasn’t approached or cold-called, she didn’t find some ad in some random site, we were recommended by reliable associates. This shows that we already have a reputation that we can count on, one that’s spreading organically by word of mouth.

“We were recommended by reliable associates. We already have a reputation we can count on, one that’s spreading organically by word of mouth.”

Enid goes on to explain that now her business is completely streamlined thanks to the help of Arno. With her VA handling putting things up on the blog and on social media, now she can prioritize what she truly needs to be doing, like running the events and the important front-end affairs. It’s a real timesaver and as the saying goes, time is money.

“It’s a great timesaver, it’s a huge help for me and for Hamptons Moms. – Enid, Hamptons Moms

As a leader who cares about his people, John naturally asked Enid what it’s like working with Arno and how he helps her. And her response was very enthusiastic, saying that she loves her VA because he always has a great mood and handles things in a timely fashion, doing the job in an expedited and quick way. Here we can see the real “VA Effect,” as they not only accomplish tasks but also interact with clients positively and meaningfully – the quintessential human touch that automation and algorithms simply cannot replace. Awesome job, Arno!

Finally, John asked her what she would recommend about the company. And in response, Enid said that a business owner could not do any better than Virtual BizNest as the services are fairly priced considering everything that is offered.

In her own words: “You guys really can handle a lot of different web, assisting needs. And you guys do it very cordially. It is always a pleasure.”

Thanks, Enid! It’s always a pleasure on our end as well.

With that, the Virtual BizNest difference is clearly demonstrated. Our VAs can handle the work better and make our clients’ days brighter. What more could you ask for?

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