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Revenue-Making Tasks for Virtual Assistants

Want to increase your business’ visibility and income? Here are ways a Virtual Assistant can not only help you manage your business, but take point in generating income for it. The trick is to make use of their unique skills and capabilities by focusing on revenue-making tasks. Not just in helping you with the work you are already doing in order to decrease your work load but also by doing the things you can’t do. 

Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting 

Keeping your sales pipeline full is the clearest way to generate revenue for your business. LinkedIn is a great platform for finding sales qualified leads (SQLs), along with Google business listings, directories, Facebook groups and professional associations, just to name a few. Be sure the search process uses a specific criteria of leads you are looking for to get the right results. Jot down clear instructions, or record a video of how to do this task, and let your Virtual Assistant have a go at it.

Reaching Out Via Media and PR 

Want to build a following? You better leverage the current “in thing.” Like podcasts, or Instagram influencers’ stories. Have your VA research podcast hosts who are in your niche and send out proposals to get on their programs. When you have made a connection, you and the podcasters or influencers can run ideas on what you could discuss on their program to draw in their audience. The main thing is that you are offering something of value that relates to the topic being discussed or featured so you can plug it. Selling health and wellness products? Resources for single parents? Figure out what will attract audiences and turn you into a resource. 

Creating Content for Marketing

Promoting businesses requires content. Blog posts, email news letters, social media posts, even advertisement videos for your products or services. But after a while, they can be lost in the depths of the internet or cluttered inboxes. So use your VA to repurpose old content, like using blog post material for newsletters. This refreshed content can be used to cultivate an audience. Content writer VAs can then get the necessary information to pen wholly new content. You can repurpose the material of newsletters for social media posts. Got long blocky walls of texts in your blog? Have the VA turn it into bulletpoints, and get a graphic designer Virtual Assistant to turn it into an infographic. 

Market Research

Reconnaissance is essential for decisive victories. Have your VA research what your competitors are doing marketing-wise. What publications are they being featured in. Get the names of these publications or authors and connect with them so you can have more platforms to boost your brand. 


There are so many ways Virtual Assistants can be leveraged to generate income for your business. These are just a few approaches. So go ahead and find revenue-making tasks that they will excel at!

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