Virtual Teams Let You Scale Up Your Business

Virtual Teams Let You Scale Up Your Business

Market trends show that businesses are pivoting to eCommerce, online marketing and advertising. This is not just part of the new normal but has been the trend even before the current situation, which only served to accelerate these developments. These are all too convenient and beneficial and will most likely prove to be irreversible trends. They are here to stay. But as businesses get back in gear and the workload ratchets up, your individual Virtual Assistants might need backup. So perhaps it might be time to enhance your workforce with Virtual Teams. 

Making the Upgrade 

As the situation improves and the hustle and bustle returns to its previous pace, your Virtual Assistant will have more and more tasks to do. Especially if businesses want to expand. Virtual Assistants are plucky and have helped businesses stay afloat during these times. But still, they are only human and as work piles up they might not be able to juggle taking calls, scheduling appointments and handling social media marketing all by themselves. This is where the Virtual Team comes in. What are Virtual Teams, you ask. Simply put, these teams are multiple Virtual Assistants collaborating to provide an even wider array of services to businesses. And a greater capacity to handle a higher workload. They also provide more resiliency in that unlike a solo Virtual Assistant, if any one member is indisposed the others can readily assume their role and continue on with the work. There’s no disruption in the process. Whereas relying on only one Virtual Assistant is like putting your proverbial eggs in one basket. If the VA has health issues, connectivity problems or other matters preventing them from going to work, then those eggs become an omelette.

Skilled Specialists

Another thing is that Virtual Teams can provide higher quality output. Aside from being able to work more hours than a single over-strained VA, teams that include specialists can focus on their fortes. A generalist VA can whip up a good infographic with Canva and post it on social media and the company website. But a specialist in graphic design can bring out the big guns and make something truly eye-catching with Photoshop. Then while the content writer weaves wonderful words and the SEO expert gets the right keywords for your website. These specialists are not only bringing their individual skills to the table, but also their capability to collaborate. They combine their expertise and pick up the slack in a way no solo operator can. A Virtual Team is more than the sum of its parts, and businesses would be wise to leverage this. 

Scaling Up

The ability to absorb higher workloads, get delegated with more specialist tasks and collaborate to take operations to another level means that Virtual Teams can help you scale up your business. They are the next step of outsourcing staffing solutions, the evolution of the individual Virtual Assistant.  As the global economic situation improves, companies will want to expand to either recoup what they have lost or cover new ground. Moreover, they want to do this by growing the capabilities that they have come to rely on during. So they will want to improve their eCommerce, bolster their online advertising and marketing, and kick it up a notch. At the same time, workplaces will still be taking precautions. And firms will want to leverage outsourcing’s benefits when it comes to staffing or minimize the expenses of running an office.  It will be a new frontier and a business will need more than individual Virtual Assistants but an entire squad of them, even multiple squadrons. Virtual Teams will definitely be a difference maker that will give companies an edge, particularly startups and SMEs with lean operations looking to punch above their weight. 

Breaking Down Borders

In a time of lockdowns, people are finding solutions to the challenges and disruptions before them. Restaurants pivot to deliveries and pickups. Stores shift to eCommerce and online stores. Businesses continue their local operations by leveraging Virtual Assistants from halfway around the world and people calling customer support hear roosters crowing in the background while their problems are fixed. With difficulties and adversities come opportunities. Virtual Teams can help firms and startups capitalize on them. These players are poised to make a difference as they expand into a brave new world. Especially when bigger competitors are still unsteady from the disruption. Like warm-blooded mammals rising to claim the Earth from the dinosaurs. We are in the midst of the paradigm shift. And it is up to forward-thinking people and agile organizations to set the pace and define the new normal.