8 Ways to Dodge Workplace Drama and Make the Office Healthy Again

Workplace drama and politics can be a real chore, a draining part of the routine. Socially toxic work environments are one of the reasons why people opt to work remotely or enter the Virtual Assistant field. But even then the virtual workforce isn’t immune from animosities and issues. These can be quite costly, according to CPP’s Global  Human Capital Report on “Workplace  Conflict and  How Businesses  Can Harness It to  Thrive:”
  • In 2008, employees in the US spent 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict among peers and managers. 
  • This adds up to 385 million working days lost and $250 billion in paid hours wasted on unnecessary conflict.
Ouch! So this shows that avoiding drama is not only wise and healthy on a personal level, in the big picture it’s also best for business.  Dealing with people in the same office or Virtual Assistants overseas? Are you yourself a Virtual Assistant? Whether you’re the boss or part of the rank and file, here are a few practices that can help avoid workplace drama and conflicts while keeping work dynamics healthy:   

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Effective Exercises You Can Do at Work

Maintaining health and wellness at work has never been more relevant or important. Burnout is an official medical diagnosis now, as declared by the World Health Organization. We live in an era where people are Dying for a Paycheck. Thankfully, more sensible parties are pushing back against this rigid ethos by recognizing the importance of work-life balance. Conscientious employers and employees are seeking out ways to avoid overwork and recharge their energy levelsOne modest but undeniably effective way of doing this is by exercising. Even if you don’t have a gym subscription, there are some workouts you can do in the office. While they’re not as intense as hitting the weights or the treadmill for a full session, effective exercises can have a positive results particularly when you’re spending hours seated in front of a screen.  So here are a few exercises and stretches you can do in the office, and even in front of your desk: 

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