Work and Business in the New Normal

These are challenging times, and the solutions and adaptations that have emerged are poised to cause a paradigm shift. That’s if we aren’t in one already. After COVID-19 subsides, many aspects of society – of work and life – will most likely not revert back to how they used to be. There will most likely be a new normal that takes on some of the best practices developed during the crisis. Maybe because these practices are necessary to reduce the risks of a second or third wave, or another future pandemic. Or because they just worked well and made everything more convenient. Either way, the new normal will be evident in both work and life. So here are the most likely trends and how it will affect you:

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Work From Home Snacks You Can Nom On

The COVID-19 crisis is certainly a stressful period for us all. The bombardment of news and updates. Adjusting to working from home. The drastic alterations of our lifestyles due to lockdown. It takes time adapt to this new normal. Moreover, staying focused, energized and motivated while working (or even outside of work) can be at times difficult. But there’s something that can help with this: quarantine treats! Here are some work from home snacks you can nom on and refreshments you can imbibe. 


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Tips for Working at Home During Quarantine… Part 2

Continuing with the subject of working at home in the time of COVID-19 and doing this effectively, we will now go into the importance of properly managing our interactions with the outside world. This entails calls, emails and instant messages from workmates as well as browsing through social media or checking the news. It also includes our social circles that are now physically separated due to lockdown or quarantine. Previously, we talked about how managing our own patterns to separate work from daily life is essential in being good at both. Now we’ll talk about how we are both separated but still connected, simultaneously at risk of being isolated and overwhelmed. Plus how we can chart a course that will keep us functional and healthy while working at home and doing our part to flatten the curve.

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How Social Media Ads Can Help Your Business During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic imposes constraints on businesses. Measures such as social distancing, lockdowns and quarantines have been enacted to try and diminish its spread and flatten the curve. On our end, VBN proactively shifted to a work-from-home setup for all its Virtual Assistants. Still, life must go on. Businesses – like grocery stores, restaurant takeout and delivery services – are still continuing operations while minimizing the risk of infection. Bottom lines will take a hit, there’s no way going around it. But social media ads can help these companies during the pandemic, especially since customers will now be staying home, scrolling through their smartphone screens for hours. If anything, it’s time to take your social media game up a notch.  So here are a few ways to leverage social media ads for your business as operations shift in light of the pandemic: 

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Ensuring the Health and Safety of Our Virtual Assistant Team During the Pandemic

In light of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual BizNest has take the initiative to enact precautions to ensure the health and safety of its Virtual Assistants. On March 13, John Signe announced that VBN would shift to a work-at-home setup to minimize the team’s risks of exposure. After all, VBN prioritizes the safety, health and wellness of its team.

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