Top Qualities of Filipino Virtual Assistants

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Virtual Assistant companies have been sprouting in cities across the Philippines for the last few years. Companies and businesses worldwide place their trust in Filipino Virtual Assistants because of the qualities that have been consistently observed among Filipino employees all over the world.  If you are up to outsourcing certain tasks or roles in your business, then you are on the right track in hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants because Filipinos continue to keep their reputation as among the best employees you can hire. Here are some top qualities of Filipino Virtual Assistants: (more…)

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How Virtual Assistants Help Lawyers Focus on Winning Cases

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Contrary to what people see in legal drama television series like Suits on Netflix where lawyers often appear in court rooms defending their clients in climatic debates, most lawyers spend an awful lot of time doing paperwork and administrative tasks outside of court. As a matter of fact, to reach the courtroom requires a lot of paperwork. This is where law firm Virtual Assistants can be of great help. 

Regardless of which branch of law you practice, the responsibilities can seem endless. You counsel, strategize, solve problems, write, advocate, and negotiate. Not to mention tasks like conducting legal research, managing emails, social  media branding, calling clients, booking and scheduling appointments – the list goes on. 

If you are a new lawyer, you may find yourself saddled with these seemingly menial tasks. Moreover, if you are a solo lawyer you might not be able to hire a full-time receptionist due to budgetary constraints especially when you are starting out. Even when you can,  it might not be every day that a full-time receptionist has important things to do. For this reason, many lawyers opt to hire Virtual Assistants.  (more…)

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With Virtual Assistants Business Owners Can Do More Strategic Thinking, Less Micromanaging

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Successful business owners know very well that they can’t micromanage their companies. Otherwise, much of their valuable time will be wasted on things that don’t necessarily need their attention. If you’re running a small business or a startup, you should focus on the more important aspects of your business. Such as strategic thinking and developing systems that ensure efficiency and increase productivity. However, this can be very difficult to do if every piece of work has to go through your hands. It is slow and counterproductive. Every thriving entrepreneur knows this as a matter of fact.

This is where Virtual Assistants can become very beneficial to your business. A Virtual Assistant is an individual that provides services to business from a remote location. They offer a range of services such as social media management, administrative tasks, customer service, and data entry.  (more…)

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Discover Your Unique Ability and Delegate to Virtual Assistants Effectively

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At Virtual BizNest we highly emphasize the effectiveness of delegation in improving business owners’ lives and their bottom line. Effective delegation streamlines their workflow, allows them to concentrate on the important matters at hand and their true strengths, while their Virtual Assistants handle the rest of the tedious tasks. However, for busy entrepreneurs who delegate to Virtual Assistants and have room to breathe, once they sit down and start focusing on what they do best, they might find themselves wondering: “what DO I do best?” To focus on your strengths and unique abilities you need to know what they are in the first place. Don’t worry, though, VBN is here to help you figure that out!


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Client Testimonial from Francine Rivera, Life Coach

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Virtual BizNest’s VAs keep on exceeding their clients’ expectations. Once again, we have more praise from another satisfied business owner who went from struggling solo to finding relief thanks to our Virtual Assistant’s services. Here is Francine Rivera’s glowing client testimonial where she commends Arno for his exceptional capabilities. Good job, Arno!  (more…)

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Augment Your Home Business with Virtual Assistants

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For many enterprising individuals, stay at home orders did not slow them down as they were able to pivot and continue the hustle. Many communities have seen a flurry of small businesses emerge, leveraging e-commerce, delivery services, even developing their own apps. A lot of these are run as home businesses, which reduces overhead costs and allows the entrepreneurs flexibility in balancing work and life. Nonetheless, this setup has its fair share of drawbacks, from juggling a variety of tasks while running a household to work from home burnout. Thankfully, there is a way home businesses can enhance their operations, boost their productivity while at the same time make life easier for the business owners. They can do this by making use of Virtual Assistants! (more…)

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