Use the Right Tools to Work from Home Optimally

There’s a very real possibility that the shelter in place orders, or the lock down or quarantine, may be extended. Which means Virtual Assistants and their clients will have to work from home for longer. Operating from their living rooms or home offices while maintaining their productivity, and reminding themselves that this isn’t a stay-cation, that their teams are still depending on their output. Previously, we gave tips for working from home during quarantine. Nonetheless, one of the hurdles is the lack of access to the resources available in a traditional office. So for this article, we’ll look into tools that can prove useful, even crucial, for this arrangement. 

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Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns With These Tips

Marketing matters a lot in a business’ growth and success. For entrepreneurs striving to build their businesses, they must develop a keen understanding of the field and wield it effectively. Email marketing campaigns are tried and tested marketing methods that remain relevant in the digital age.  And they’re all the more useful now as the COVID-19 emergency forces businesses to adapt and shift to online shopping and delivery services.  So here are a few tips to help improve your email marketing campaigns:

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Tips for Working at Home During Quarantine… Part 2

Continuing with the subject of working at home in the time of COVID-19 and doing this effectively, we will now go into the importance of properly managing our interactions with the outside world. This entails calls, emails and instant messages from workmates as well as browsing through social media or checking the news. It also includes our social circles that are now physically separated due to lockdown or quarantine. Previously, we talked about how managing our own patterns to separate work from daily life is essential in being good at both. Now we’ll talk about how we are both separated but still connected, simultaneously at risk of being isolated and overwhelmed. Plus how we can chart a course that will keep us functional and healthy while working at home and doing our part to flatten the curve.

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Tips for Working at Home During Quarantine… Part 1

VBN has shifted to work at home operations for its Virtual Assistants to comply with COVID-19 quarantine protocols. So our previously office-based VAs are now adapting to the new arrangement. For some, this is their first time working at home. While for others this might not be their first rodeo. And countless others throughout the world are going through similar experiences, shifting and adapting to a new work pattern.

Working at home can feel like a whole new world. Especially since the transition was so sudden, thrusted as a necessity due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So here’s some advice to help make the transition to working from home goes well, to help you with the job and maintain your wellness:

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How Social Media Ads Can Help Your Business During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic imposes constraints on businesses. Measures such as social distancing, lockdowns and quarantines have been enacted to try and diminish its spread and flatten the curve. On our end, VBN proactively shifted to a work-from-home setup for all its Virtual Assistants. Still, life must go on. Businesses – like grocery stores, restaurant takeout and delivery services – are still continuing operations while minimizing the risk of infection. Bottom lines will take a hit, there’s no way going around it. But social media ads can help these companies during the pandemic, especially since customers will now be staying home, scrolling through their smartphone screens for hours. If anything, it’s time to take your social media game up a notch.  So here are a few ways to leverage social media ads for your business as operations shift in light of the pandemic: 

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Ensuring the Health and Safety of Our Virtual Assistant Team During the Pandemic

In light of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual BizNest has take the initiative to enact precautions to ensure the health and safety of its Virtual Assistants. On March 13, John Signe announced that VBN would shift to a work-at-home setup to minimize the team’s risks of exposure. After all, VBN prioritizes the safety, health and wellness of its team.

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Busting Myths About Outsourcing Work

The modern gig economy has reshaped the labor market in the United States and across the whole world. After all, the prevalence of outsourcing work is how the Virtual Assistant field emerged. Businesses are opening up to outsourcing more and more roles, including knowledge roles. We’ve gone from outsourcing food deliveries and ride sharing to outsourcing customer service, accounting and financial roles, managerial positions and more.  More and more companies are outsourcing work, hiring Virtual Assistants who can come from anywhere in the word. Unrestrained by distance or borders due to remote work technology, they can hire based on qualifications and competence while staying on a budget. The benefits are being reaped by everyone, from small businesses hiring secretaries to medium companies Virtual Teams and even big corporations outsourcing entire departments abroad.  Nonetheless, even in these times, myths persist regarding outsourcing. Misconceptions regarding the remote work setup, part time workers, and the general reluctance to delegate to people outside the company. This is why many are late to adapt to the trend, and often this is to their detriment as competitors improve their operations. So in this article we’ll go through those myths and refute them with facts. 

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8 Ways to Dodge Workplace Drama and Make the Office Healthy Again

Workplace drama and politics can be a real chore, a draining part of the routine. Socially toxic work environments are one of the reasons why people opt to work remotely or enter the Virtual Assistant field. But even then the virtual workforce isn’t immune from animosities and issues. These can be quite costly, according to CPP’s Global  Human Capital Report on “Workplace  Conflict and  How Businesses  Can Harness It to  Thrive:”
  • In 2008, employees in the US spent 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict among peers and managers. 
  • This adds up to 385 million working days lost and $250 billion in paid hours wasted on unnecessary conflict.
Ouch! So this shows that avoiding drama is not only wise and healthy on a personal level, in the big picture it’s also best for business.  Dealing with people in the same office or Virtual Assistants overseas? Are you yourself a Virtual Assistant? Whether you’re the boss or part of the rank and file, here are a few practices that can help avoid workplace drama and conflicts while keeping work dynamics healthy:   

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How to Grow Your Career and Diversify Skills with Stretch Assignments

Want to develop your capabilities in new fields? Leading employees who have the potential to branch out, like a web developer dabbling in graphic design or a content writer interested in coding? Expanding repertoires can take some effort but ultimately it will be worth it for both the individual and the organization. It’s what they call “stretch assignments” in corporate-speak.  (more…)

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Working Smarter to Help the Environment

Here at VBN we’re all about working smarter to make life easier, whether it’s entrepreneurs running startups and SMEs or the employees themselves. Now it turns out that our approach isn’t just beneficial for people’s work-life balance. These improvements in health and wellness also help the environment!  How? By prioritizing a balanced life and reducing inefficiencies in the workplace, businesses can institute policies like work-at-home or remote-work options that allow people to be with their families and save them from the hassle of commuting, which has the benefit of reducing carbon emissions. Implementing four day work weeks would also greatly lessen power consumption, helping the environment and also reducing the electricity bill! 

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