You are currently viewing Client Testimonial: Ann Garcia of Com For Care Assisted Living

Client Testimonial: Ann Garcia of Com For Care Assisted Living

Here’s a glowing client testimonial from Ann Garcia! A fellow Filipino, or kababayan, She owns Com For Care Assisted Living, residential care homes in the Houston, Texas area. Like several of our clients, she is a mother and a business owner at the same time. And as she says, it’s not an easy task. Luckily for her, she discovered Virtual BizNest from Amanda Vlastas of West University Moms. Ann saw how Amanda was using Virtual Assistant services from VBN, and how it really helped both her business and her life. So she decided to give it a try.

What our VAs bring to the table

As Ann says in her client testimonial, she found our VAs to be truly knowledgeable. They brought a lot of ideas to the table, including and most importantly: the knowledge of how to grow businesses. This expertise is how our VAs help clients and their startups and what sets Virtual BizNest apart from the rest.

Maybe it’s serendipity, the law of attraction or fate, or just networking, but it’s really awesome that Ann happened upon VBN (and this is why you should save time for networking, folks). Her business and VBN are more alike than it seems. Yes, running care homes is an entirely different ball game from the Virtual Assistant industry, but how Ann created Com For Care is where the similarity lies. She didn’t start out calling the shots in her own company. She began as a Registered Nurse and worked her way to where she is now. Being an R.N. is an exacting profession that demands quite a lot. But it gave her an understanding of the healthcare system and the needs of her patients. So in time she founded her own business, one that could provide residents with the highest quality of life and ensure they get the best care.

Since Com For Care’s establishment in 1991 it’s grown and now has four care homes in the Houston area providing their patients with alternative to nursing facilities – namely places they can truly call home. Instead of an institutional environment, the residents can enjoy their individuality and privacy. They maintain their independence, with their needs met by a staff dedicated to ensuring their dignity.

Real Recognizes Real

Simply put, Ann and Com For Care’s success is a textbook example of leveraging Filipino ingenuity and working smarter rather than harder. In a way, it’s like Virtual Biznest origins as well. Professionals who have worked on the frontlines went on to create their own opportunities, providing their clients with even better services. And this is why we love working with Ann and why she says she’s very happy to have us on board. In her testimonial she expresses her trust and respect toward us, and on our end the feeling is mutual!

Thanks, Ann – here’s to a fantastic 2019 for us all!


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