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Top Qualities of Filipino Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant companies have been sprouting in cities across the Philippines for the last few years. Companies and businesses worldwide place their trust in Filipino Virtual Assistants because of the qualities that have been consistently observed among Filipino employees all over the world.  If you are up to outsourcing certain tasks or roles in your business, then you are on the right track in hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants because Filipinos continue to keep their reputation as among the best employees you can hire. Here are some top qualities of Filipino Virtual Assistants:

English Proficiency

Filipinos pride themselves for being proficient English speakers. In fact, the Philippines holds the second highest English proficiency in Asia, just next to Singapore (which aside from being #1 in Asia finished 10th in the global rankings). This is not a surprise because Filipinos have been learning English since kindergarten and the medium of instruction in schools and colleges in the Philippines is English. Not to mention the intertwined histories of the Philippines and the United States. This allows Virtual Assistants from the Philippines to communicate with ease with English-speaking clients. This makes Filipino Virtual Assistants competitive content writers, customer service representatives, and social media managers. 


If there’s something that Filipinos are known for it is their hospitality. Filipinos, by nature, are warm and welcoming. This is why the hospitality industry in the Philippines continues to grow over the years. So this quality makes Filipino Virtual Assistants ideal customer service representatives. Because they excel in meeting their client’s requirements and going beyond to ensure their satisfaction. 

Work Ethic

Filipinos are hardworking people. There are millions of Overseas Filipino Workers across the world. And the reason why foreigners love hiring Filipinos so much is because of their diligence and work ethic. To paraphrase the Hamilton musical, “Filipinos… they get the job done.

They are resilient people and don’t mind taking difficult jobs, taking fulfillment in doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. As a matter of fact, the Philippines regularly scores highly on global competitiveness. Hence, Filipinos are not just people with skills and talents but also boast strong work ethic. And this makes them head and shoulder above others.


Filipinos are raised to be respectful and courtesy is ingrained in their culture, forming a part of its very fabric. This upbringing is evident in catchphrases, gestures, and honorifics that Filipinos use to show respect to the elderly or authority figures at home or at work. For instance, Filipinos use po and opo which is a polite way of saying “yes” and their culture of pagmamano, where they raise the back of the hands of the elders to their foreheads as a sign of respect for them. Though Filipino Virtual Assistants do not necessarily perform these gestures and honorifics to their clients, they bring the same level of respect to their professional ventures. This is why a lot of businesses are very comfortable working with Filipinos VAs. 

Wrap Up

Filipino talent is world class. They thrive in any industry and this makes them valuable for your business. If you have not thought of hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants, perhaps now is the time to get one. At VBN,  you can take advantage of our specialists Virtual Assistants and Virtual Teams with a wide range of experience and skill sets. We treat our clients as business partners and we value what’s important to them. Meet just a few of our happy clients


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