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Virtual Assistant Industry Insights for the New Year

Needless to say everyone is looking forward to saying good riddance to 2020, putting the sordid year behind us as we embrace the coming of 2021 and all the hope it offers. As we do so, let us take a moment to reflect on what we have been through and pat ourselves on the back for weathering the storm. Moreover, as we enter a new year, these Virtual Assistant industry reflections will help us gauge where we stand, appreciate the good work done during the hardest of times, and what paths might be ahead of us. 

What The Virtual Assistant Field Can Learn From 2020


Like many other businesses, Virtual Assistant companies had to pivot to work from home setups due to COVID-19 lockdowns. In the case of Virtual BizNest, we literally had employees take their workstations and PCs home. All so they could continue operations with minimal disruptions and meet clients’ requirements. Moreover, VAs and Virtual Teams made this shift while continuing to work as a cohesive unit. As part of a greater organization coordinating with each other. There had to be technological and organizational adaptations and development so VAs operations from home remained functionally the same as how it was back in the office. 


As Virtual BizNest’s VA teams continued their operations, our clients likewise continued on with their affairs as best they could. For some clients, their businesses expanded. Or VBN took on more clients, necessitating hiring more VAs. So despite the inconveniences of the lockdown and the slowdown of daily life, work continued and even increased. Clients had to shift to eCommerce, which meant they had to hire more VAs or increase hours. Other clients went all the way and developed online apps to meet customer demands. And VBN, with its organized teams of Virtual Assistants, was well positioned to meet these growing requirements. 


All this requires teamwork, cooperation and a very well organized workforce. And a lot of messaging, conferencing, trackers and spreadsheets. By the way, congrats to whoever was wise enough to invest in Zoom stocks earlier in 2020 before the pandemic started! Anyway, this is what gives Virtual BizNest and its Virtual Assistant teams advantages over solo freelance VAs who might have less resources (in terms of facilities, hardware, software, or in terms of reinforcements). 

App Development

Startups had to maneuver to avoid the worst effects of the pandemic. Then they had to figure out how to make the most out of the New Normal. As the saying goes, if life gives you lemons… Those that wisely pivoted to eCommerce often went further and developed their own apps to better meet their customers’ needs. And Virtual Biznest was able to fulfill their requirements – adding app development to our repertoire of services

Work-Life Balance

One of the old concerns about the work from home setup is that employees might not be putting in the proper amount of hours. On the other hand, the New Normal has shown us that it can also go the other way. Remote work might turn one’s home into a workplace that one can’t clock out of. So people end up checking their work emails and updates even when they are supposed to be off-duty. Since they can just flip their laptops open and do “a little bit of work.” And then, poof, hours have passed and they forgot to make dinner. What else do they have to do while being cooped inside all the time? There’s nothing else to do but doomscroll on Twitter since we’re past the Dalgona Coffee Stage of COVID. It’s a recipe for remote work burnout. Anyway, Virtual Assistants of all stripes have had to learn to set boundaries between work and life, proper patterns and routines and so on. These are essential for any individual to function effectively and live healthily.   


2020 was not short on hard lessons that should not be cast aside as we enter 2021 and get ready to seize the opportunities it offers and the hope it brings. So let us remember what 2020 has taught us, making us better prepared for whatever else may come. And, lastly, let’s get ready to welcome 2021. Good riddance, 2020. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And welcome 2021, here have a seat! Happy New Year, everyone.

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