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From a Skeptic to a Virtual Assistant Believer: Emma Tang’s Testimonial

A self-confessed skeptic of Virtual Assistant services, Emma Tang is a website developer and graphic designer who runs her own business. Based in the US and with clients all over the country, she recently hired Virtual BizNest to help with her overflow work. While she was used to doing it all herself, there is only so much one person can handle. In her testimonial, she says she was impressed by the VAs’ work and how much they helped her business. Now she’s a believer in the capabilities of our Virtual Assistants! 

Scaling Up with Virtual Assistant Services 

When your business gets pretty busy, like in the case of Emma Tang Designs, that is a good sign. That means there is a lot of work to do and that the enterprise is growing, getting more clients and projects. But if it is a solo operation, helping hands may be necessary, otherwise even the most skilled entrepreneur might have too much on their plate. This prevents the business from growing further and attaining its true potential. Now, with reinforcements who are up to the tasks Emma delegates to them, her business is back on track and making major headway.

According to Emma, she sought Virtual BizNest after we were highly recommended to her by another satisfied customer who happened to be her colleague as well. VBN’s Virtual Assistants took on the work she could not handle herself and the results exceeded her expectations.

Overcoming Expectations

Emma admits that she was initially a little bit skeptical. Prior to this, she had never hired anyone before – much less someone from overseas. Yet VBN showed her the top qualities of Filipino Virtual Assistants. The first assignment she gave her new VA was copywriting, no less. 

“I was a little skeptical using someone from another country for copywriting and they were amazing,” Emma says. She praises the verbiage used by our VAs. They wrote the content with the exact kind of voice she wanted for the client. The VAs were able to capture the branding and the personality of the client business, which is quite a challenge for copywriting. “They just nailed it.”

Since then she has been leveraging their capabilities as writers and graphic designers. From website copy to designing flyers, social media posts and infographics, even website design help, the Virtual Assistant services have been invaluable. Most importantly, they met the content and design standards she set. 

“They have just been amazing, I highly recommend them.” Emma exclaims. She elaborates on how VBN’s Virtual Assistants have shown themselves to be efficient. She says they have very quick turnaround and are also communicative. As soon as she gives them a project they reply almost immediately, letting her know when she can expect it. 

“I am very pleased and I look forward to a lot of good projects in the future,” Emma concludes.


Thank you for your kind words, Emma. We are glad to have yet another happy client who attests to the caliber of our Virtual Assistants’ capabilities. Especially their ability to fulfill specialized and creative tasks to our clients’ specifications. 

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