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How Virtual Assistants Help Working Parents Find Balance

Balancing work and family life is no walk in the park. Kids are real handfuls and working moms have to contend with societal expectations as well as their career goals. With single parents, the tightrope act is on another level entirely. Even parents who run their own business and work from home can use a helping hand. Thankfully, Virtual Assistants can provide that much-needed service and bring some stability, order and breathing space to working parents’ lives.
Here at Virtual Biznest we’re always glad to be of help and many of our clients, who are often happen working mothers. And they, in turn, have also provided positive feedback. So from these combined experiences we can highlight the main ways VAs really benefit working parents’:

More Time

“I do need to get the essential ‘me time’ if I still want to be a normal person. It became very apparent that I needed to get help.”Amanda Vlastas, West University Moms The biggest boon VAs can give is to free parents up from the non-essential tasks and minutiae so they can get some much-deserved R&R. They can spend more time with their families and loved ones, as well as themselves for some much needed self-care and R&R. This makes working parents happier, reminds them that what they are doing is meaningful, and recharges their energy levels so they can return to their jobs revitalized and ready for action. As Enid from Hampton Moms says, “It’s a great timesaver, it’s a huge help for me and for Hamptons Moms.”


Freed from said lower-priority duties, they can focus on their strengths as business owners and entrepreneurs and work on what’s really important. They can prioritize making the Big Decisions their startup needs to grow, they can engage in networking, forging vital connections and sealing crucial deals. For parents, their priorities are also on their kids and families, so Being There For Them is a big benefit. “When I wake up and check my emails, I smile with assurance because my virtual team has completed all of the tasks I had asked them to do and more importantly, I get to spend more time with what matters most to me – my 2 little dudes.”Amanda Vlastas, West University Moms


“If you want to grow you need to have people that know how to do the things that you don’t know how to do do them for you.”Lotte Loveridge, The Fit Farmer These entrepreneurs and working parents can rest assured that their affairs are being handled well. After all, our VAs bring their considerable expertise to the table. This is why they can be trusted and why they can deliver results. So productivity will improve along with the quality of the results. Company websites will look and handle better since the VAs will actually have web development expertise, the business’ books will be balanced, services will improve and even sped up. Customers, clients and partners will have their queries and messages responded to promptly.

Organizing and Streamlining

With the help of an experienced VA, the startup owner can get enough breathing room to get up and see the Big Picture. So the organization can undertake some positive changes. Work processes can be optimized, new tools and procedures implemented. Most importantly, the bosses who were previously overwhelmed and just handling their affairs “on the fly” can now work with the VAs. They can figure out how things should be done through proper scheduling and arrangement. Now the business will flow better and more efficiently – and ultimately grow!

New Ideas and Connections

“No one is left on their own. Everyone is encouraged to impart their skills and ideas. And since they work as a team, I am assured that my tasks never get unattended no matter what comes up.”Amanda Vlastas, West University Moms VAs’ expertise and experience not only means that they’ll get the job done, they can also be a source of great ideas on how to do the job. So entrepreneurs would be wise to pick their VAs’ heads and get some of their invaluable knowhow. Not only is this an asset business owners can leverage, it can also be a major relief for those who had to go at it solo for some time. Now they have someone to turn to for brainstorming and sharing. This can lead to a truly constructive and meaningful connection.

On the VAs’ Side

The Virtual Assistants themselves also benefit from their choice of career, particularly when they’re working smarter instead of harder. With flexible work hours, they can optimize their time and the completion of tasks. Instead of staggering it across an 8-hour work day. They will become more productive. This gives employers more bang for the buck. Likewise, for the VAs they also get more free time to live more balanced lives. It is a great setup for working parents! Employers who smartly delegate responsibilities, leveraging millennials’ managerial potential, will also help the VAs grow as professionals, opening up career options and opportunities in the future. So this is an absolute win-win for everyone, especially if both of them are working parents. We can see the real “VA Effect” and the difference it makes in their lives! -John Li

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