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Awesome Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant

Delegating menial tasks and focusing more on things that require your leadership is key to scaling up your business. While it is nice to have a personal assistant, the cost of hiring one is surprisingly expensive. If you want to get rid of your least-favorite tasks for a fraction of the cost, hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant is the way to do that. 

The truth is there is only so much that you can do in a day. This is why executives you see in movies like The Devil Wears Prada hire personal assistants. However, when you do not need a personal assistant, a virtual personal assistant is the better option. Virtual Personal Assistants will not be able to get you a cup of coffee. But they can surely free you up for more important projects. Entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, and even freelancers instantly feel a boost in their productivity with Virtual Personal Assistants.

What is a Virtual Personal Assistant? 

A Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) is someone who can handle any of your most hated tasks from their own home. You can think of VPAs as personal assistants who work online from a remote location. Whether you need someone to manage your calendar or book your flights, a Virtual Personal Assistant can do all that. VPAs can work as freelancers or with a virtual assistant agency too.

What Virtual Personal Assistant Can Do For You

Virtual Personal Assistants are multi-skilled virtual assistants who can handle different tasks. If you want to retire from deleting pesky emails, hiring a virtual assistant can definitely help with that. While Virtual Personal Assistants can do almost anything, here are some tasks that you can delegate to them. 

Data Entry

Data entry is the most hated office task by office workers because it is very time-consuming. It is one of the main reasons why office workers stay late at night. As an executive or business owner, you should not be doing this. Your time is too valuable to be wasted on this task. Hiring a virtual assistant for data entry tasks can save you hours of time. They can do this more efficiently as they are trained to do this task.

Calendar Management

It can be hard to keep track of your appointments when there are so many things to think about. By hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant, never miss any appointments again. Your VA will just be around the corner to keep you on top of your schedule. 

Inbox Management

Virtual Personal Assistants are professionals when it comes to inbox management. Not all your emails need your attention so streamline your communication by hiring a virtual personal assistant. Going on a holiday is not a problem. Your virtual assistant can handle your emails so none of your clients will have to wait. 

Customer Support

Virtual Personal Assistants can respond to customer queries in a timely manner via phone, email, or chat. Most VAs have some experience in customer service. So letting them respond to customer queries and complaints while you are away will give you some peace of mind. 

Handle Invoices

Handling late payments in invoices from your clients can be stressful. While you can choose to do it yourself, outsourcing this task with someone who specializes in invoice management can help a lot. 

Internet Research

Internet research is a tedious task to do and needs some expertise to find the right details. Virtual Personal Assistants can get the information, service, or product you want while working remotely. From product research to market research, your virtual personal assistant can send you the compilation of what you need.

Buy Gifts

When you are always on the run and have no time to buy gifts yourself, simply tell your VPA and he will get it for you. This goes for other personal tasks that you would like to get done quickly like ordering a cup of coffee or booking flights. 

Benefits of Hiring A Virtual Personal Assistant 

Imagine not having to clean your inbox daily or schedule appointments because someone has already done it for you. That is what life is like with a Virtual Personal Assistant. Outlined below are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant.

Save Time for a Fraction of the Cost

Picture this. What if the hours you spent on doing menial tasks like answering emails, and scheduling appointments were spent on more important projects? That is how much time you can save with a Virtual Personal Assistant

Further, you do not need to worry about the additional costs of paying their social security, medicare, and paid time off. This because Virtual Personal Assistants are not like regular employees. They also do not need an office or any equipment to work because they can just work from home. Since virtual assistants usually work as independent contractors, the cost for hiring them is lower compared to hiring personal assistants. 

Instantly Supercharge Your Productivity

With your least-favorite tasks gone, you can now focus more on tasks that create results. It could be negotiating with potential clients or improving work efficiency by using automating tasks. Do what you are best at by delegating administrative tasks to your Virtual Personal Assistant. Not only will you get a boost in productivity. You will also have more time for strategic thinking to grow your business. 

Bring Back Your Work-Life Balance

Hands off everything from answering customer queries to scheduling appointments to your Virtual Personal Assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant who can carry out administrative tasks faster and better than you will free up your schedule. Being rested allows for productive thinking. So if you need more time with your family or yourself, virtual assistants will help you bring back the lost work-life balance that you once had.

Qualities to Look For When Hiring A Virtual Assistant

When hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant, look for someone with experience doing the tasks that you need them for. Not only do you need someone with the skills, you should also select someone with the right character and attitude. Here are the top three qualities you should look for when hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant.


A Virtual Personal Assistant should be able to do all sorts of things from scheduling appointments to managing your emails. While most virtual assistants are talented, you should be clear with the skills that you require them to have. If you need someone to manage late payments from clients, then look for someone skillful in invoice management. Generally, look for a multi-skilled VA capable of handling administrative and personal tasks. 


When looking for a Virtual Personal Assistant, always keep their trustworthiness in check. The reason why you hired him is to make your life easier. If he becomes more of a problem rather than a solution, you should consider replacing your VA.

Easy to Work With

Your Virtual Personal Assistant should be easy to work with. Meaning, he responds to you quickly and briefly and is always there when you need him. Your VA should also help you solve problems rather than just pointing them out. 

Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant Today

There are many VAs to choose from on job boards like Upwork. However, not all of them will perform to the level that you need them to. Looking for multi-skilled, trustworthy, and easy to work with virtual assistants can take up a lot of your time.  This is where hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant from a reputable virtual assistant agency speeds up the process. 

At Virtual BizNest, you will find Virtual Personal Assistants that will meet and exceed your expectations. They have been trained to work professionally with our clients, treating their business like our own. Our virtual assistants also work in teams so you will surely get the best services from us. If you need a Virtual Personal Assistant that fits your needs and personality, all you have to do is contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

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