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Ways Virtual Teams Can Help Your Startup

Virtual BizNest’s client testimonials are beginning to pile up, which is proof of our quality services. This is because we go above and beyond lone Virtual Assistants can provide, since we don’t just have solo VAs but entire Virtual Teams working together at the same time to guarantee that our clients’ needs are met satisfactorily. Your startup is in safe hands, as they can handle truly challenging tasks and deliver results at a quicker pace. At the same time, each worker maintains a healthy work-life balance and isn’t overburdened. As our happy clients can attest, with VBN’s team of web developers, graphic artists, bookkeepers, social media experts and more, the following jobs will be a piece of cake:   

Secretarial tasks

Email management and filtering can be a total chore that takes too long, leaving you with less time for truly vital work. Same goes for following up with clients, sending thank yous and reminders.  Let your Virtual Team handle these roles. Your time is too valuable to be spent answering trivial calls. Let your team handle receptionist duties and customer service roles. They can set appointments with your clients and book travel arrangements for you. At the same time, they can handle diary management – organizing your to-do list and calendar so your days will go smoothly. They can also do personal tasks like purchasing gifts for loved ones or family members. Organizing events? Setting up the venue, inviting the attendants, and all this can be a real headache to coordinate. But an entire Virtual Team can make this so much easier.

Logistical Support

The wonders of The Cloud (™) can be a big help to startups, that’s if you know how to use it right. With your cadre of specialists, file management will be organized and systematic. Uploading, organizing files using Dropbox or Google Drive, ensuring vital documents are backed up in case of emergencies. From this, Virtual Teams can scale up to database building. Updating email or contact lists in your CRM and ensuring these processes run smoothly. This requires thorough data entry which can be such a time-consuming task. And of course there’s bookkeeping, another tough but crucial role that must be fulfilled for a startup to function well. Crunching the numbers and balancing the books is no mean feat, but you can save yourself the sleepless nights by leveraging a Virtual Team. Creating basic reports – charting weekly tasks, deliverables, sales and such – is also necessary to ensure that your company’s affairs are in order, and that everyone’s on the same page.

Creative and Technical Work

Together, your Virtual Teams will do a better job managing social media accounts and keeping them dynamic, engaging audiences and generating better returns. Likewise with updating business blog posts with quality written and visual content. Want slideshows and presentations that won’t put audiences to sleep? We have that covered too. Need your website organized and updated for better functionality and aesthetic, so customers can reach you better? Our specialists are more than up to the task. Looking for research on specific topics for your blogs and newsletters? Or keeping track of competitors’ products and services? How about analyzing consumer trends? You need people with sharp eyes and keen minds to not only collect the results but collate and interpret them accurately and sensibly, before giving you the results. This is crucial if you’re planning to take the company on a new direction or developing new products.

Work Smarter… and make life easier for yourself

This is the recurring theme of our clients’ testimonials. By working together with VBN’s Virtual Assistants and Virtual Teams, they’ve made their lives so much easier, freeing themselves and getting the much-needed time to relax and be with those they love. All as their companies do better than before, running smoothly because they’re in the capable hands of VBN’s specialists. These are pros you can count on, you can entrust with your startup, who can help you transform both work and life into a more optimal setup. So save time, and save yourself from all the stress and hassle! John Li

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